Truck Vehicle Accidents

You just survived a truck accident. You are dazed and confused and have more questions than answers. One of the biggest questions going through your head is whether you should hire a truck accident lawyer. Here is a guide that will hopefully put your mind at ease.

Why Truck Vehicle Accidents Are Often Catastrophic

Trucks weigh considerably more than passenger vehicles. Their ground clearance is a lot higher. Truck drivers often travel on highways at high speeds. When you combine these factors, you see why people involved in an accident with a truck experience serious injuries, require extensive medical treatment, and have long recovery times.

Attorneys have represented customers who have suffered truck accident-related injuries, including spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injuries, complex bone fractures, broken bones, and neck injuries. Trying to understand the complicated legal system can seem overwhelming, especially if you are recovering from a truck accident. Truck accident attorneys can help you by ensuring that you don’t go through this challenging time and face belligerent insurance companies alone. You can even simply look for a lawyer online by searching for something like “truck accident lawyer in Long Island,” or in whatever state the accident occurred.

How Severe Were Your Injuries?

Probably the most significant factor in determining if you need a truck accident attorney is the damages you suffered from the accident. Would the compensation received be enough to cover your injuries and cover an attorney if you won your case? If not, it may not be in your best interests to hire an attorney.

However, you will likely need a lawyer if you suffered injuries that required a hospital stay or required you to recover. Using a truck accident lawyer is something you should seriously consider if you lost a loved one in the accident.

If an accident leaves you with substantial medical bills or you need to take time away from work, the services of a lawyer may be beneficial. This gives you what you need to heal and mourn without focusing on pursuing compensation yourself.

Hiring a lawyer may be the right call if you are dealing with emotional trauma, like PTSD. If there were several victims in the truck accident, then you would likely want legal representation. Basically, the higher the potential is for compensation, the more worth it is to hire a lawyer to help you get that compensation.

When Did the Accident Happen?

Even if you do not retain an attorney in the aftermath of a truck accident, you should consider calling an attorney right away. The sooner you discuss your case with them, the sooner they can help you see if you have a viable claim.

Lawyers will evaluate the particulars of your case, such as how it happened, when it happened, and whose fault it was. They can use this to help you determine the amount of compensation you should pursue.

Attorneys will begin an investigation process, gathering critical information that could help prove liability. This includes the truck driver’s logbook, traffic footage, and other evidence that could prove that the driver was somehow impaired or under the influence.

When gathering the facts, your attorney will evaluate police reports and talk to eyewitnesses. They will try to get as much information as possible about the crash scene. If you wait to contact the lawyer, you might miss critical evidence, which could limit the amount of compensation you receive.

Truck Accident Attorneys Help You Learn the Full Story

There are a lot of reasons why truck accidents happen. Many times it is not just the person sitting behind the truck’s wheel who is to blame. Some states have comparative fault rules. This means that you could potentially recover compensation from everyone who contributed to the accident. This means anyone careless, negligent, or who engaged in wrongful actions that led to your injury. This might include:

•           Bicyclists

•           Employers of negligent third-parties

•           Motorcyclists

•           Other drivers on the road

•           Pedestrians

•           Transit companies

•           Truck drivers

•           Trucking companies

Government entities that are responsible for regulations, oversight, or maintaining the road may bear some responsibility. The same is true with companies that manufacture dangerous or defective equipment.

Truck accident attorneys can dig around behind the scenes of an accident, find out who is at fault, and why the accident happened. They can help you get compensation from all of the at-fault parties.

Get Your Case Handled by Professionals

Any attorney could potentially handle your truck accident case. However, it is best to work with attorneys who have experience in the field. They will understand your injuries and will be in the best position to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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