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What you can do with stamps

What you can do with stamps

Digitization is a great thing and makes our work in a wide variety of industries easier. To a large extent, it can replace numerous manually operated equipment. However, this does not apply to the stamp that we have used for many centuries. Authorities and notaries use them to print their seals on important documents, thereby confirming their authenticity. For companies there is no official, legally binding regulation for the use of a company stamp.

Wide range of stamps

Stamps can be used in a variety of ways in both business and private areas. Online, with digitization coming back into play, there is a huge selection. EasyStempel offers, among other things

  • Text-
  • Logo-
  • Date-
  • Corporate as well
  • Motif stamp

Products made of wood are widespread, they represent the predecessors of all other stamps. They go hand in hand with nostalgia and still convince with their longevity. An ink pad is required to use them, while modern products already include the ink. Whether made of plastic, metal or wood, they can all be designed individually.

Stamp for evaluation

Stamps have long been established in day-care centres and schools. They serve as both an incentive and a praise. Smiley faces that clearly express moods are particularly popular. For younger children in particular, it makes a big difference whether the words “insufficient performance” or stamps with a “sad grimace” appear under a job. The same applies in reverse: Many parents can tell a song about how often the youngest child has come home with a beaming smile, because they have a grinning face under their homework or a picture they have painted themselves. In addition to emojis, there are also short texts that signal either encouragement or satisfaction with the performance.

Address and data stamp in professional life

Address and data stamps are mainly used in companies. The latter have proven themselves particularly in the area of incoming and outgoing mail. They play an important role in law and notary offices, because the receipt stamp can provide information about the timely submission of documents. Stamps are also helpful in accounting and bookkeeping: By printing “paid” or “done”, employees can see at a glance whether there are still open items or outstanding invoices have already been dealt with. Company stamps on papers, contracts and envelopes associate customers with seriousness. While the name and address imprint of a letter in a bag often slips out of the viewing window, an imprint of a stamp is immediately recognizable.

Homemade business cards with stamp

If you want to make your business cards yourself, you will find the right partner to make it come true in a stamp. The range of chic, unprinted products is large. They differ in the type of cardboard, including satin, structured, matt or glossy, as well as in size and color. In addition, you can order a stamp specially made according to your wishes according to your own taste. You choose the font and size, bold and italic prints, colors and possibly an image or logo yourself. In this way, you will receive unique items that are sure to catch the recipient’s eye

Unique wedding stamps

Stamps are also being used more and more on unforgettable wedding ceremonies. The bridal couple creates their own wedding branding, a symbol of togetherness is often integrated into the print. Perhaps there is also an old family coat of arms, which in

  • Envelopes for invitation and thank you cards,
  • Place cards,
  • Menu cards,
  • Church booklet as well
  • Wedding albums

breathed new life into it.

Stamp for our youngest

It happens quite often that children forget, lose or lend their school books or other copies somewhere. If they contain a stamp with the name and address of the owner, there is a good chance that he will get his reading material back. It looks similar with toys. In addition, siblings often argue about who owns what. This can be remedied by a small stamped label that clearly clarifies the ownership structure. If you treat your child to a whole set of stamps, you will often be rewarded with extraordinary creations on paper. The youngsters create true works of art from many small imprints, for example of animals, well-known figures from television and countless other motifs

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