For several years, influencers have become increasingly visible in the media. The various benefits for businesses are frequently cited as well. Influencer marketing is appealing to businesses for a variety of reasons, including increased revenue.

Influencers also help businesses enhance their visibility and reach. Companies can, however, affect a certain target population in a focused manner. Nonetheless, there are still some misunderstandings about what influencer marketing entails.

Instagram Influencer Agency India refers to the use of social media to distribute advertising messages. People who are well-known and have established themselves as experts in their field are the most likely to do so. Influencers are a term used to describe these users. Influencer marketing is comparable to referral marketing and word of mouth marketing. The message’s multiplier function is where the significant difference is.

Influencers multiply the reach of a marketing message by a factor of ten. The company’s advertising message thereby, at its finest, reaches not only the influencer’s target audience, but also other people with similar interests.

For businesses, this effect is intriguing. Influencers may be able to reach a target group of 5 to 6 figures in this manner.

Most influencers specialize in one or two areas. Fashion and travel are frequently mentioned. This has the advantage of allowing for a more precise definition of the target group. If a corporation wants to hire a travel influencer, these users primarily address individuals who are interested in travel.

Influencers continue to enjoy great trust among consumers

The key learnings:

  • For one in four, their recommendations count as much as those of friends or family members.
  • Followers of beauty, fashion and fitness influencers are particularly open to purchase recommendations

Pinterest Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly important. For consumers, social media sites have become an indispensible part of their daily lives. Youtube and Instagram in particular, as well as Facebook and Snapchat, play a significant impact.

New players like Twitch and Tiktok, on the other hand, are only used by about a fifth or a sixth of those polled. In social networks, 16- to 35-year-olds spend over four hours every day, or roughly half of a school or work day.

The study’s findings also suggest that followers prefer to buy things that influencers promote. Customer loyalty is bolstered by a mix of exclusive discounts, thorough product displays, and personalized suggestions. And this is true in the long run: The propensity of people to buy things again is also above average (79%) as is satisfaction with the products purchased (64 percent). This is especially true when it comes to beauty, fashion, and fitness. Users are more receptive to purchasing suggestions from YouTube and Instagram celebrities.

The four influencer user types

In the course of the study, influencer followers were also assigned to different clusters for the first time. Four types were identified:

  • The admiring follower who fully trusts influencers and perceives them as particularly authentic,
  • the inspiration seeker, who is primarily looking for inspiration for his own life from influencers,
  • the Trendy Cherry Picker, who is primarily interested in new trends and self-fulfillment
  • and the smart skeptical, which is rather critical of influencers.

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