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12 Factors to Consider to Pick the Right Instagram Influencer for Your Brand

12 Factors to Consider to Pick the Right Instagram Influencer for Your Brand

Influencer marketing campaigns are complex and have many moving components, but selecting and verifying influencers is likely the most important step in the campaign creation process. As the campaign’s content creators, it’s critical that the influencers marketers employ be effective, engaging, and brand safe. You can select an influencer through aninfluencer marketing platform.

Finding Instagram influencers requires more than a quick Google search and a list of who has the most followers and receives the most comments. Here are the 12 top things marketers should assess and consider, when hiring Instagram influencers for an influencer marketing campaign.

  1. Reach

One of the first questions marketers ask when considering influencers for campaigns is how many people the influencer’s content reaches. Following and viewing counts provide a straightforward metric for measuring popularity and impact. However social media hacks like bots and pods imply that this basic metric isn’t necessarily the ideal for determining influencer value.

  • Engagement

Engagement metrics are more detailed than simple reach analytics in that it reveals how many people interact with influencers’ content despite the following. Likes, comments, and shares on content can help marketers figure out how engaged their audience is and how they react to various sorts of material. Marketers seek consumers who are interested in the content as well as the community that surrounds it.

  • Brand Lift

Instagram influencers marketing allows brands to engage with their audiences through the voices of trusted producers, but some influencers may also help raise brand knowledge and perception among consumers. Smaller influencers (such as micro-influencers) give less brand lift because, while they efficiently reach their audiences, their exposure and reach are restricted.

  • Reputation

Influencers, like all public people, have reputations that they present to their audiences and the rest of the world. Influencers’ reputations, whether they’re specialists, tastemakers, or creative wunderkinds, can benefit brands if they’re positive and aligned with company goals. Expert influencers may help position brand partners as organizations to be trusted, while cool influencers offer a degree of their audience-pleasing coolness to businesses they collaborate with. Hire Instagram influencers wisely and as per their reputation.

  • Content

Influencers come in a variety of niches, and everyone takes a distinct approach to developing their content. Brands will want to examine an influencer’s way of work carefully for marketing purposes to find crucial criteria such as visual and audio quality, substance, tone, category, and consistency. Marketers should seek influencers that produce high-quality, consistent, targeted content that aligns with their brand’s aims and image. Hiring an influencer through an influencer marketing platform will give you a clear idea about their content, also about their approach towards working with other brands.

  • Voice

Although the influencer environment is congested, especially in big areas such as fashion, beauty & makeup, and travel, the top influencers stand out by having a distinct voice. Influencers’ conversations about people, places, and things, as well as their interactions with their followers, should be scrutinized by brands. Brands want to work with the finest when it comes to voice and personality.

  • Audience

Influencer marketing is most effective when it is focused on certain objectives, and part of attaining those objectives is having a clear grasp of who a campaign is intended to target. Influencers are experts in their audiences, and collaborating with influencers to communicate with their audience about products, services, experiences, and brands that are relevant improves the effectiveness of messaging.

  • Safety

Following the YouTube ad controversy, brand safety is receiving more attention than ever before. Advertisements were revealed to be running during and alongside inappropriate videos containing hate speech and questionable behavior. The presence of brand advertisements alongside this content provided the impression that the video’s contents were sanctioned by the brands. More than 250 advertisers halted their YouTube campaigns, and while many have restarted following YouTube’s amended ad restrictions, brand safety remains an issue.

When working with influencers who create content based on their personalities, ideas, and daily lives, organizations must be cautious of any previous or potential wrongdoing that might land them in hot water.

  • Budget

Budget is important in any marketing effort, but it will determine whom marketers can work with, what type of integration they can afford, and how many influencers they can utilize with influencer marketing. In the influencer marketing sector, there is no set pricing, so marketers can utilize their goals, influencer metrics, and campaign structure to figure out how much they’re willing to spend and then choose influencers appropriately.

  1.  Affinity For Brand

Many influencers already talk about the items they use regularly, from those who cover beauty to those who make YouTube videos about building robots. Marketers should investigate whether any influencers are already organically talking about their products. Working with those influencers to become a part of their content and messaging to their audiences is an authentic step.

Influencers who speak favorably about a brand’s products aren’t the only ones who could benefit from a partnership. Influencers who criticize a product or promote a competitor’s offering could be great prospects.

  1.  Future Partnership

Many campaigns may involve brands collaborating with influencers for a single or series of posts, but it’s essential to examine whether the influencer has the potential for a long-term connection. Many firms already accomplish this through “brand ambassadors,” who are social media influencers that promote a company and its products regularly.

Influencers that reach the correct audience, provide high-quality content, and collaborate closely with the brand are valuable resources that saves time when planning future initiatives.

  1.  Authenticity

Genuine influencers are more likely to have a loyal fan base. By becoming specialists in their niche, such as food and drink or fashion, they can gain audience loyalty and trust. They demonstrate their knowledge by including authentic, personal tales, recommendations, and advice in their postings.

You may check the influencers’ authenticity by scrolling through their Instagram captions on both regular and paid posts. Look for their captions, it should be well-thought-out and should depict a story. Influencer captions for sponsored posts should be valuable to their audience. Influencers may explain why they’re pushing the brand’s products or services, how they may be used, or why they adore it.

You may also hunt for influencers who are already lovers of your brand by looking through your unique brand hashtags or mentions. Your cooperation with them will be more authentic because they adore your products or services, and they’ll be wonderful ambassadors for you.

Wrapping Up

Choosing an influencer through an influencer marketing platform can be very helpful. You can check their engagement rate, reach, and other metrics through Instagram’s insights, as well as through various tools. Have a happy Instagram influencer marketing.

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