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Web Development is the building and maintenance of the website for the internet, it includes the work to make the website look great, work fast and perform well with a good user experience. The website usually refers to the nondesign aspect which is the work of writing mark-up and coding. Web development can range from developing a single static page of plain text to complex web applications and social network services. Web development has been a growing industry. Businesses are growing due to the evolution of websites to sell the product or service so a potential customer can trust a marketer. The role of Web development contributes to the growth of lots of businesses also. Now to start even a small business website is necessary to advertise the product or service.

Web Developers use coding languages and it depends on what task has to perform and on which platform is to work.

Web Development skill is highly in demand worldwide and can make a good career option in development also which does not need any traditional degree to become qualified. 

There are three kinds of web developer specialization and they are:

  • Front End Developer
  • Back End Developer 
  • Full-Stack Developer

Front End Developer : 

Front End Developer works on layout, design, and interactivity by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They turn a rough idea into reality.

What you are seeing, what you will see, all the visual aspects, drop-down menus, the text is all build-up by the front end developer by writing some programming to bind the structure element and interactivity of the website by running this program on the browser. Their salaries are based on Experience, skill, and location.

Backend Developer :

This is where the data is stored and without this data, there would be no frontend. The back-end web consists of a server that hosts the website, the database to contain the data, and an application for running it. Backend developers analyse what the company needs and provide a programming solution for which they use the languages such as Ruby, PHP, Python, and Java.

Full-Stack Developer :

If you can deal both on the front end and back end you can consider becoming a Full-stack developer. Full-stack developers should know how to deal with all levels in web work and can determine how the server-side and client-side will relate. But working up to this level will take longer.

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Web Development refers to a list of tasks also which includes.

  • Web Design
  • Web Engineering
  • Web content development
  • Client-side/Server-side scripting
  • Web Server
  • Network security configuration
  • E-commerce development

The term web design describes the designing process of front end (client-side) design of websites including the writing of markup and web design also partially overlaps the web engineering in the broader scope of web development.

The competitive nature of the market demand businesses’ website to understand buyer behaviour and be developed in the way buyer decides to buy in favour of that website. A web developer needs to understand what your client needs in a website and so according to it we can build the website or it’s a waste of time and need to redo it. Want to become a web developer and many courses like Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing you can visit Best Social Media Marketing Company in Ludhiana find our program below which helps you to make a career in social media marketing also from one of the Best Social Media Marketing Agency

Is Web Design a dying career?

When applying to any course each of us has a question do I really go for              it?

web development is fragmenting one part into design and another into full-stack. This means your skills need to be unique. In a world where building a website needs little skill and knowledge but the expertise in web development is vital. If you are going into the full stack you need to know a huge range of technologies and tools. If they are to differentiate into the job market they need to know machine learning, they need to know mobile and database, and even a blockchain. Web development is not dead but slightly it will be indifferent form.

Yes, there is a boom of CMS software like WordPress and no-code platforms but to create the website and to work on it requires knowledge of programming.

Many users installed WordPress themes and start content writing and blogging by which you can earn also and promote on social media also that you can take help from Social Media Marketing Company in Ludhiana it but their website never makes organic search due to too many plugins and other dependencies on the page taking more time to load and google prefer to speed. As the fact is not denying that CMS website won’t rank but the custom website is always an advantage to the owner and SEO friendly too. SEO comes under digital marketing and to take such services you can visit Best Social Media Marketing Company 

They need someone with deep knowledge to maintain plugins and themes and many others also think page load must be within 1 to 3 seconds and so you can rest assured that web development isn’t dying and need a programmer for every website to adjust as per users need themes and templates.

Themes and templates are just for general use and they never provide responsive and fast load time.

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