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Videos are a great medium to convey your thoughts to your audience. Videos empower your authority over the message delivery in a competent way and they add a more personal feel to your message. You will be far more likely to connect an emotional bond with your audience if you use a video medium than any other content type.

Video Marketing Empowerment:

Video marketing reached its peak in 2018 although it is being used since 1995. A report made in 2019 reveals that almost 87% of marketing professionals use video as their marketing tool. As the demand for video watching increases daily, it is not a secret anymore that video technology is being used as a marketing mechanism by professionals up to this great percentage.

Why use Video Marketing?

Using videos as your marketing tactic also has an advantage of them being colorful. Thus, they attract the customer’s interest for a long time rather than simply written content. If videos are made colorful despite of common black and white combination, it will be more eye catchy as color has a very powerful psychological influence on the human brain. A study shows that the customers respond to colorful ads more than black and white ads.

Video Marketing for business startups:

Why do we start a business? To get sales obviously. And for selling our products we need to get noticed by our potential customers. Even if you have an out of the world product, you would not be able to get good sales if your marketing tactics are old and non-compelling.

This is the internet era where online sales are almost equivalent to on store sales. Hence attracting online customers is equivalently important for your business. As there is heavy competition for every new product to arrive in market, it is best to start product marketing with startup videos and today, internet is stuffed some of the best startup videos examples for you to take inspiration.

If you are unaware of what startup videos are, then let’s discuss that first before getting to the importance of startup videos.

Startup Video:

A startup video is a short animated video that delivers a business idea rather quickly, simply, and persuasively. When you convey your business theme combining concise and coherent language, appealing images, and engaging animations, it quickly grabs the viewer’s attention and compels them to take action.

A recent case study suggests that people make a subconscious judgment about a product within 90 seconds of initial viewing and in addition to that, up to 90% of that assessment is based on color alone, which is why you should use video marketing teamed up with nice colors.

Why should you have a Startup Video for your business?

We have discussed the importance of video marketing above and also the over view about Startup videos. Here we are explaining the necessity of getting a startup video, specially created for the enhancement of your business. Why should you get one? Here comes the answer.


These startup videos are audio and visual friendly and this ability makes them more competent. Audiovisual ads makes user remember the message for longer period of time. They convey the same meaning as words but it gives clear concepts about the product.


Startup videos are a much good at creating brand awareness for your product. It makes a huge impact on the users if you use same colors in the startup video as are your brand logo design or name plate. This will emphasis on the brand product and make it more recognizable. Hence, making it easy for the user to identify the product with startup video.

Attention grabbing

Videos are far better at grabbing attention of the users than any other medium of marketing. Their colors and animation do the marketing work rather easily then the simply written content. A buyer usually takes the first 10 seconds to decide whether to watch the video if it is useful or not.

Swift idea delivery

Video marketing conveys the message almost immediately in comparison with the written content. Thus users can find out quickly what does your product do and how can they benefit from it.

Mobile friendly

This internet era has boomed with the use of mobile phones. Videos are mobile friendly and this makes them available to every single person on the planet having a phone. And obviously this increases the visibility of your product to many new potential customers.


Startup videos are not so long. So they are light in weight to be shared easily. This makes them move from platform to platform rather easily all the while promoting the product with ease.

One time investment

Whatever you pay to get the startup video made, is your one time investment in the marketing of your product. And that one video can get you hundreds of potential customers, so it is not a bad deal.

What key traits should a Startup video have?

A recent report depicts that startup videos, also known as explainer videos, can help to increase sales by up to 80%.

We also got to know this in that report that around 89% of customers find startup videos helpful for decision-making. Around 64% of users are more likely to make a purchase online for a product, after watching an explanatory video about that particular product.

So when you are investing in a startup video than it should be compelling enough to do all the tasks expected of it. Following are a few traits a startup video must have.

  • It should be not more than 90 seconds. As a short and concise video is more likely to grab your user’s attention than a longer one.
  • It should deliver the message in simple and easy means. The script should be easy and conveying what’s and how’s of the message.
  • Animation makes the video more attention grabbing. This conveys the message in a fun way. The information learnt in a fun way is memorable and is not easily forgotten by the viewer.
  • Startup videos should be colorful and preferably made with brand colors. These colors help the user to identify the product in a fun way.


In order to excel in marketing the product, a startup video is an effective way which requires one time investment. We discussed the importance of video marketing and why should you get a startup video for your business. You can simply find many agencies which can provide you the video making per our own wonderful experience we suggest you to get the startup videos made from BuzzFlick, an animation agency”. They have the Best startup videos examples on their credit.

If this article helped you in understanding the startup videos we will be glad to know.

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