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Intense exercise is the root cause of long-term injuries. The athletes who run a lot usually suffer from ankle pain which causes the fracture of their lower limbs’ muscles. The main question is why ankle pain running occurs and what is the reason for using compression socks to treat this trauma?

What are ankle pain and compression socks?

Ankle pain running is the damaging of your bones, tendons, and ligaments which forces your foot from performing proper functions. In other cases, the flat pad of your foot sole experiences bruises that halt your running routine. This case occurs due to sudden ankle pain without injury which slowly damages all delicate muscle tissues if not treated properly.

Some major causes start the process of nonstop ankle pain.

Causes of Ankle Pain

  • Ankle Tendonitis

Ankle tendonitis happens when your foot tendon gets swollen due to excessive running and heavy lower limbs exercise. If you are a runner and keep doing jogging or sprinting with inflamed tendons then chances of getting ankle tendonitis will be high.

There is another term for ankle tendonitis that is Achilles’ heel. Achilles’ heel causes pain in the calf and heel of the victim who does not rest or performs physical therapy during their running activities. The pain rapidly increases on the sides and back of the ankle if appropriate steps are not taken.

  • Plantar Fasciitis

The band of connective tissues which connect the sole and heel of the foot gets ruptured due to heavy running and continuous foot exercises. The runner can experience inflammation on their ankles and irritation but if they do not care about the muscles under their feet or stops wearing ankle compression socks then due to plantar fasciitis ankle pain will occur.

  • Stress Fracture

The foot top pain appears when your ankle bone gets a hairline fracture due to putting stress on your foot. If your ankle bones unable to gets to heal and you keep putting pressure on them while ignoring x-ray tests then you might suffer from a stress fracture.

Your ankle bones need repairing and if you keep ignoring the healing process and continue doing the running exercise the bones will start crunching that may result in permanent ankle pain.

The quick changing of running routine is a direct factor of stress fracture because your body needs a slow process of bearing the pressure and if the runner swiftly increases the track length which can directly affect your ankle.

  • Ankle Sprain

The ripping of tendon tissues that connect bones of your foot to muscles of your lower limbs causes ankle strain. If you keep running with cramped muscles and faces difficulty moving your ankles then foot top pain will arise.

The symptoms of ankle strain include swelling and consecutive pain, which demands full attention. If you neglect wearing ankle compression socks or do not consult your podiatrist then you may suffer ankle strain.

  • Shin splints

Too much stretching in your lower limbs may result in shin tendons breaking and causes your ankle pain. When a runner stretches their foot upwards and downwards the shin muscle tissues get fully stretched and at one point, they might break resulting in shin splints.

  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome

The breaking down of the tibial nerve due to tendon swellings or reversal of foot muscles causes tarsal tunnel syndrome. The ankle pain running causes a burning feeling on the ankle’s skin and numbness of the foot. The ankle compression socks are designed to stop tarsal tunnel syndrome but with proper physician guidance.

  • Exercise without a trainer

Any professional exercise requires a trainer who can conduct your running routine and without an authentic teacher, you may suffer sudden ankle pain without injury.

  • Wearing uneven sneakers

Balanced footwear is essential for avoiding any ankle pain injury and uneven trainers or ankle compression socks can cause lengthy lower limb injuries. So always try to use to wear those shoes which suit your posture.

How to treat sudden ankle pain without injury

The ankle pain injuries can cause serious effects on your lower limbs and if not cared for properly which might affect your other body functions.

You can treat ankle pain running by:

  • Using ankle compression socks

The compression gear can create a cushion for your ankle and exert rhythmic pressure on the foot top pain to reduce injury level and increase blood circulation for rapid healing.

The compression devices are available in numerous forms some are compression sleeves, stockings, and socks for regular ankle pain victims and then there are athlete’s socks for runners.

  • Icing treatment

The use of ice bags on the ankle can diminish the pain levels and you must use ice treatment for at least 40-48 hours to get positive results.

  • Bedrest

The traditional way of complete bedrest can help to restore your ankle muscle injuries and allow you to use ankle compression socks for fast healing results.

Medshoola ankle compression socks

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