National Parks

West Australia is its own world. The nation has huge gorges, dynamic coral reefs, deserts, mountains, and some of the best sand beaches in the country, as they are comparable in scale to Alaska.

1. Karijini National Park

Come to Karyini to swim through secret pools that carve gigantic gorges or walk out to enjoy Western Australia’s most spectacular sunrise.

The walks are challenging, with varying accessibility levels, to draw walkers of all skills. Scaling Mt. Bruce you can spend 5 hours or walk along the edges of the cliffs and enjoy some of the best views of the Park.

Karijini’s remoteness is part of its charm. An eight-hour drive from the nearest town of Exmouth and 14 horses from Perth or nine hours from Broome, an oasis deep inside the western wilderness.

2. Francois Peron National Park

One of the west coast’s most diverse enclaves is a package deal. This uncontaminated coastline sits on the world heritage site of Shark Bay. Watch dolphins skim over Monkey Mia’s shallow waters, walk over dunes on four wheels or take the sunset cruise.

The park is also one of the best locations in the country to spot wildlife. Emus trot families, giant monitor lizards are slowly meandering across your lane, and kangaroos and wallabies are springing from the bushes. Before you head out to the sea, you can easily see dugongs, sharks, manta rays, dolphins, and turtles. Denham’s local town is just 8 hours away from Perth.

3. Cape Le Grand National Park

Cape Le Grand is the perfect place for lovers of calm white sand, turquoise sea, bush, climbers, camper, or fisherman. Cape Le Grand is the place to live. Regardless of whether you want to lie down or relax or be as adventurous as possible, this National Park offers a great choice.

The park is conveniently accessible to anyone traveling across the South portion of the state, only 40 minutes from the South City of Esperance.

4. Murujuga National Park

The bright orange rock faces of Murujuga are symbolic of the color scheme defining Northwest Australia just outside the dramatic Dampier Highway.

The park houses about 40 thousand years ago the oldest recorded petroglyphs in the world depicting many of the living and extinct animals in Australia Tour Packages. It is also near to the Horizontal drop, off the Kimberley coast, one of the greatest natural wonders mentioned by David Attenborough.

The park can be reached from Karratha mining town within a 35-minute drive, or from Broome for 9 hours.

5. Nambung National Park

Nambung’s most common name is The Pinnacles, partly because of its proximity to Perth, is one of the most popular parks in Western Australia. You will be in the otherworldly limestone stacks spread between the amber sands of the desert, just two hours from the national capital.

The towers are the remains of the Palaeolithic seabed, barriers that once surrounded the giant dinosaurs. You can spend hours cycling, seeing miles of existing facilities, or taking a stunning path past some of the highlights.

6. Cape Range National Park

Cape Range is one of the world’s best places to get an idea of the marine turtles’ life cycles. The empty white beaches in Cape Range offer excellent snorkeling and diving opportunities, as well as turtle spotting.

It is also near the Ningaloo Marine Park, home to Australia’s best-preserved and most stunning reef. Purchase a snorkel in a nearby shop and leave the beach or take advantage of one of several tour providers.

The National Park of Cape Range is next to the small airport of Exmouth. The journey from Perth or 14 from Broome takes about 13 hours.

7. Yanchep National Park

Yanchep is just 45 minutes by car from Perth, another of the most common parks in Western Australia. The park is ideal for anyone who wants to walk through cool trees, explore 400 caves, or koala and kangaroo.

The park has camping facilities for anyone who hopes to spend the night.

8. Purnululu National Park

The striking Purnululu Mountains were completely ignorant in the cusp of the Northern Territory until 1983. The Kimberley remains one of Australia’s westernmost areas, and its unique beauty is evidenced by Purnululus’s curious calcareous landscapes.

Take the best of your journey by helicopter, tour Bungle Bungle, visit the expansive Gorge of the Cathedral and stay in the heart of the untraveled outdoor area for a night.

From Broome, it takes nine hours or two from Kununurra airport.

9. Kalbarri National Park

You will find yourself in the Nature Window a short walk from Kalbarri’s car park, where you are awarded a wide view of the canyon.

There are many walking routes in the Kalbarri National Park, with options for all levels of accessibility. The gorge can be easily walking or the cascading cliffs are on the ocean. You can climb over cliffs and down ladders to the secret rivers. The journey from Perth to Kalbarri takes six hours.

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