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I work in a multinational company and I have a lot of data. And it is very important for me to save this data because the company grows on its basis. So it is very important for me to save this data. My computer does not have enough memory to save the data. So my friend suggested to me that you should use an Asustor storage device because its storage capacity is very high. And it also keeps your files backed up so that you do not have to worry about missing your files. The most important thing about this storage device is that you can access files from anywhere, you can use those files. This device easily connects to the Windows computer & laptop with the USB cable.

The asustor network-attached storage device works with the WiFi network connectivity. If you wish to access the fields then you ensure the device properly connects to the network connectivity. On the rear panel of the storage device you will find out the LAN port then you can easily connect the router to the storage device. If you wish to modify the setting of this device then you visit the web page. Then, with you can easily visit the web page. 

Some issues of not accessing files from Asustor Storage Device

The Asustor network-attached storage devices come along with a login IP address & password. Then with this password & IP you can easily access files remotely. But many times the issue comes that the files which are in the storage device are not accessible remotely. There can be some issues due to which the files are not accessible remotely, it is something like this:

  • Network-attached storage device not turning ON
  • Not using correct password
  • Files are delete
  • Overheating issue
  • Faulty power cord
  • Wrong IP address

Quick ways to fix Not Accessing Files From Asustor Storage Device Remotely 

If the files are not accessed from the wireless NAS device then you need to verify the issues. Since there are many common problems due to which the files are not accessible, then you should try to fix the problems manually. There are quick ways to manually solve the issues.

Using correct login IP address & password

If the files are not accessed from the network-attached storage device then you should verify the login IP & password. Because many times it happens that you are using the wrong IP address to login, due to which you do not have access to the login page. If you do not have access to the login page, then you will not be able to login and will not be able to access files. To fix this issue, you should use the correct IP address of the storage device and input it in the web browser. You can also verify the password of the NAS device. If you use the wrong password then it is obvious that the files will not be accessible. To properly access the files, you should use the correct password to access the files. 

Ensure storage device turning ON

If you are accessing files remotely but files are not being accessed, then you need to check that your storage device is turned on. If your device will not turn on then you cannot access the files remotely. To easily fix this issue, you have to verify your device and if it is not turned on then it has to be turned on. Many times the power cord is faulty then your device is not turned ON, then you should change the power cord and try to turn ON the device. 

Verify the position of NAS device

Many times the position of the storage device is not correct, due to which your files are not accessible. Many times it happens that your storage device is kept near the heating area such as near the refrigerator and microwave. So your device heats up and it stops working. To properly resolve the issue you should verify the position, if the position is wrong then you need to reposition the network-attached storage device. 

Test the Asustor Storage Device firmware version

Many times it happens that the firmware version of your wireless storage device is outdated due to which it does not work. If this does not work, you will not be able to access the files remotely. To fix the issue, you should test the firmware version. If the firmware version is outdated then you should update it instantly. But for this, you need to login the account & latest firmware file. With the default IP & password you can easily login to the account. After that, you quickly update the firmware version of this device. 

Reset the storage device

If the files are not accessible even after following all the steps, then the best solution for this is to factory reset the device. The asustor factory reset is fast & simple, on the bottom panel of this device the reset button is placed. You can easily perform the factory reset within some seconds. Just press the finger of this reset button and after 10 seconds release the finger. Then your device will be reset.

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