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How critical is the architecture of your website? A study that asked a pool of web users to explain why they did not favor a website found that 94% of comments in response were specifically linked to the design and layout of the app. A well-built website designed with user experience in mind produces greater client traffic. There is simply no denying the sheer retention power of a modern and updated user interface.

The world of application and site development actively embraces simplicity, shifting away from extravagant and distracting bells and whistles. Instead, this minimalist shift concentrates on design fundamentals. From a user viewpoint, this has made browsing and navigation simpler and more enjoyable.

Use the following tips to assess and revamp your site:

Tip #1: Keep the layout minimal and simple to navigate

Tip #2: Create clear calls to action

Tip #3: Optimize your content

Tip #4: Enrich your pages with videos and images

Tip #5: Create an aesthetic color palette

Take a look at the site below, EI Vape to gain a visual understanding of a seamless and straightforward site design:

#3: Start blogging

Every business should host an online blog to elevate their visibility. The more blog content you produce, the greater your potential to show up in search engines for keywords that directly pertain to your market, product, and services. Ultimately, a well-developed blog will push organic traffic to your website and improve your rankings. 

When creating and fine-tuning your blog, make sure all posts are written professionally and effectively. Thin content won’t do you any favors in the eyes of Google. Your posts should harbor value to readers. You want readers to return to your site for more insightful information, and the only way to achieve this is by creating blogs that are engaging, informative, and useful to your target audience.

Take a look at 8×8, a company who makes video conferencing software. Their blog posts are not only catered to the customer, but also highly informative and answer potential questions consumers might have.

#4: Invest in influencer marketing

Do you want to get your goods or services out there and increase your social media presence without needing to take the time to grow an organic following? It’s no secret that building social media visibility can take years to create— so what’s the loophole? Influencer marketing. You don’t need to reach out to influencers with millions of followers to get the results you want. Micro-influencers with tens of thousands of followers can do the trick, too.

To successfully dive into influencer marketing, choose the best influencer in your market (and price range) to target the appropriate demographic. This type of marketing is not just a case of spreading the word, it’s a matter of getting your message out to the right customer base. If you can do it well, you’re going to be able to reach a wider market with minimal capital spent.

Wrapping Up

Pinpointing the best marketing tactics to elevate your existing campaigns doesn’t have to be rocket science. How are you going to broaden your reach to the right people effectively? How do you improve awareness and increase revenue rates? Using these 4 ways to improve your marketing campaign, you’ll be able to find success in your efforts in no time.

Samantha Rupp

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