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Technology is a free bird and is creating new trademarks every day. In this pandemic scenario, technology has a great impact on our life. Most of our daily chores are directly or indirectly fulfilled by software. Earlier from buying essentials to leisure shopping, most of the things were managed with manpower but this pandemic made us stay indoors and shop everything via the web.

Cloud businesses have inundated as a life savior and profitable venture in this scare-to-death situation. Companies shifted to the cloud to store their data and services and continued the sales through a virtual shop while shutting down the real shop. Restaurants, supermarkets, and other stores have marked their online presence to elevate sales in this pandemic.

How Is Cloud Computing Helpful in Today’s World?

This pandemic situation has also brought a new working culture that most of us are tied to until now. Work-from-home is a new ongoing trend that is efficiently working in this pandemic situation. Most of the MNCs, private offices, government offices are now linked to the cloud that provides remote access to their employees to connect and work irrespective of the place and time.

This work culture is widely accepted because of its flexible work hours. Some of the top industrialists and CEOs have also made revelations that software development sector employees can most probably proceed with their work from home even after this pandemic scenario comes to an end.

Tech Giants That Have Changed the Computing Game

Since this virus struck mankind and took the lives of millions at a stretch, nations have come forward to declare a complete lockdown. In this scenario, all the offices and companies had to pause their services. In this difficult time, technology has saved companies from bankruptcy. Microsoft and Alibaba constantly made progressive efforts to enrich cloud services and save millions of dollars.

Due to the cloud services, billions of people worldwide got their jobs back. This would never be possible if tech giants did not make so many efforts to build and customize cloud services for businesses, that too at affordable prices.

Amazon is known as the most influential company in the cloud market. It is expanding its services all over the world and its services are also budget and user-friendly. The latest edition of its business expansion is a newly constructed data center in Italy.

Microsoft and SAS are venturing together to make cloud accessible to people at a reasonable price. Azure is the new cloud platform for SAS analytics. This joint venture will help small and medium businesses to operate their SAS chore on the cloud and also provide them solutions. This business-friendly approach promotes expansion and also helps businesses to grow and increase sales.

Alibaba is steering the race like a pro, This tech giant is partnering with Equinox to establish its territory in Europe, Asia Pacific, North America Market. The move will benefit small businesses to opt for cloud services and generate good ROI.

Impact on food industry

Restaurants and food joints are also converting to the cloud through the middleman or personal website.

Zomato, Swiggy, Food Panda, and other food delivery websites are constantly engaging more food joints and restaurants to make their business be apt for the cloud. According to a study conducted by Red points and One poll, 61.5% of people have ordered food online in the United States just because to retain precaution against the coronavirus.

Impact on drug industry

As of now, cloud platforms are running most of the services. From medicine to food, everything is on the cloud. Many medicine websites have shifted to the cloud and established a great local market. Net meds is one such website that is connecting local businesses to the digital platform. All these medieval websites collect the ordered stock from the local retailers and deliver them to the customers.

Impact on Grocery industry

When the lockdown period was announced, most of the people were traumatized for grocery shopping. Supermarkets had a stock out label and normal shops were coping up with the sudden surge of demands.

This is when Amazon and other grocery shopping sites started doing the business. Most of the shops took out cloud services for continual sales. Even in difficult times, the food industry has always witnessed profit and endless demands.

Earlier, online grocery shopping had only 5.5% of all online purchases but now according to a survey, 74% of people have confined to purchase groceries from digital platforms.

According to Gartner’s forecast, infrastructure on service is going to be the new trend and is expected to grow by 24% in the near future. In 2020, 83% of the businesses will shift their daily workloads on the cloud. Cloud service is witnessing a significant rise globally and is estimated to reach 623.3 billion dollars by 2023.

These services are not only benefiting multinational companies but also helping small businesses recover and stand up tall in this life danger situation.

Here are some intriguing facts on Cloud adoption.

The Cloud Service Market Is Estimated to Reach 266 Billion Dollars Worldwide in 2020

Cloud services are growing since 2018 and have witnessed 17.3% expansion.  Now, in this technology-driven era, where people are subjected to stay at home and manage all their work on cloud services. The growth rate of cloud services will see it’s best time in 2020.

According to Gartner, IaaS is the upcoming latest trend and is significantly witnessing growth. This growth rate is predicted to be around 24%. He also stated that by 2022, 90% of the businesses that have opted for IaaS will shift to Platform as a Service.

Infrastructure will be soon replaced by platforms as the whole world is turning to technology and want less traffic in their lives.

83% of businesses will shift their workload to the cloud

According to a prediction, 41% of businesses will choose a public cloud, 20% of enterprises will adopt a private cloud and another 22% will go after the hybrid cloud.

In 2018, 37% of all businesses chose cloud services for managing data and services.

The popularity of cloud services is increasing exponentially with every passing day. In the future, it is well on course to become a monopoly source of service and data storage.

By Anurag Rathod

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