greasy stains

Grease is a nasty stain to deal with, it’s no wonder that so many people rely on professional services for carpet cleaning for homes and offices. Today, thanks to the expertise provided by, we are going to help you understand why it’s so difficult to deal with, especially when the stain is old.

Professionals combine safe and effective into one

The most important thing when cleaning a carpet from any sort of staining is to do so without actually causing any sort of damage to the carpet fibers. Each cleaning solution is designed to rejuvenate the fibers of the carpet, while also dealing with the specifics of particular stains – here’s what professionals go to.

Hot water extraction techniques with a proven effect

Hot water or high heat in general is quite effective at breaking down and loosening greasy stains from fibers. Depending on the stain type, whether it’s from animal fats, from meat or from dairy, or plant oils, like sunflower oil, linseed oil and so on – there should be appropriate cleaning detergents mixed with the hot water mixture.

These high temperature treatments, however, are only useful on synthetic materials or cotton simply because other natural materials like silk and suede will react negatively with them. In order to avoid any sort of damage from cleaning, professionals will rely on dry solutions instead, which is the point of our next paragraph.

Dry cleaning detergents for natural fibers

Dry cleaning solutions in the form of pellets and dust-like substances have been used for quite a long time, with their evolution happening on a microscopic level. Newly created detergents act quickly with the stain, drawing out any moisture and further breaking down the staining to its original substances.

For dry stains, professionals like use specific solutions and methods of applying and removing which further break down the stains. These detergents reach deep into the structure of the fibers, removing any foreign pigmentation – due to this these solutions are by far the safest ones.

Non-toxic cleaning solutions

It’s vital, when working around humans, animals and plants, to use non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning solutions and that’s exactly what professional cleaning companies in London utilize. Any sort of detergent which is used with high temperature water and steam, will have to be rated for such use, simply because they would otherwise becoming toxic from the increase in temperature.

Fortunately EU and UK regulation have made it very clear for consumers what can be used with hot water and what is best used in a dry way.

Vacuum extraction before the stain dries

If you have an narrow nozzle or attachment, it’s recommended that you use it to vacuum over the stain because this will reduce its surface area and make it easier to clean afterwards. Even if your hoover is a regular, household rated appliance, it can still suck up quite a lot of the stain – wash the nozzle and piping afterwards to remove the grime from the inside of the vacuum.

If you don’t really want to deal with all of this, and just want a cleaner home or office, you can always give a call and get the best cleaning in your London area at a fair rate and a short notice.

By Anurag Rathod

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