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When you get wardrobe renovations in Melbourne, you get various accessories to make your wardrobe more functional and useful which will also help you have better organized stuff. Although, not everyone can give you what you envision, in reality. So you need to find a skilled wardrobe designer in Melbourne and hire them only. Wardrobes usually have shelves and a structure for your clothes and other stuff. But if you can imagine, you can make your wardrobe not only more functional but also more aesthetically pleasing, modern and luxurious! Below mentioned are some of those accessories that you can get for your wardrobe.

Belt Rack

Belt rack helps you keep your belts properly organised and stored. Usually without the belt rack, people usually roll up the belt and put it in a drawer or such. Rolling the belt could cause damage or wrinkles depending on the material of the belt. But if you just let the belt hang in its natural shape, it will not face any damage. Not to mention it’ll be easier to take the belt and hang the belt back then it’ll be to roll and unroll it everytime.

Wire Basket

Baskets can enhance your organising patterns. For example you could make three piles of shirts in one shelf and those piles may not stay as they are and might get mixed up and look like a mess. Now if you have wire baskets installed, those piles will be put in separate baskets and the piles will not get messy. Simply put, wire baskets make the organisation even better.

Slide Out Mirrors

Slide out mirrors are one of the best ways to combine function with smart use of space. Slide out mirrors do not take up much space and yet a mirror in the wardrobe means you can try out your outfits and check yourself out right away right then. It can be tiring to change outfits and then going to the mirror to see if it looks good and when you are getting ready for a date, the constant walking around doesn’t help with the nervousness, right? So having a mirror right there beside your clothes is just what you need.

Custom Cabinets

There are cabinets and then there are custom cabinets. If you get custom cabinets that cater to all and exact your needs, it would be perfect, right? You can get personalised design for your cabinets. For example if you want more space in the t-shirt shelf and less space in the pants hanger pole then you get your cabinet custom made that way. Custom cabinets help make the most and smart use of the space.

Tie Racks

Belts can get wrinkled or damaged if rolled up, similarly ties can get wrinkled too. Think about your silk ties or your favourite tie that you want to make last longest possible. Best way to store them is to have a tie rack. Rolling up ties and putting them in a drawer or on a shelf can cause them to wrinkle but hanging them on a tie rack is better for them.

Whenever you decide to renovate your wardrobe, don’t forget to get these accessories.

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