predictive astrology

Astrology can offer us guidance in uncertain times by giving us helpful insight into the challenges we will face in our lifetime, whether they are financial, romantic, or personal struggles.

If you find you are in need of direction, read on to learn how you can start using astrology to gain insights into your future so you can set out on the right path.

Obtain Your Birth Chart

Your birth chart is essentially a map that shows where all the planets were located in their journey around the sun when you were born. Your birth chart can provide insight on your personality, strengths and weaknesses, and it can show you when it is a good time to make important moves and decisions in your life.

To get an accurate birth chart reading, you will need to input your date of birth, where you were born, and at what time. A lot of people do not know what time they were born. You can check your birth certificate to find out, use as close an estimate as possible, or simply enter 12 PM.

Even without a specific time, you can still gain a lot of insight with just your date of birth and location of birth.

Study And Memorize The Glyphs

On your birth chart, there will be numerous symbols, or glyphs, that represent the planets and signs of the zodiac. These are used instead of writing out the names of each planet or sign individually.

It is important to memorize what each glyph signifies and learn what the planets and zodiac signs stand for. Making flash cards for every planet and zodiac sign can help you memorize them quicker.

Get An Ephemeris

An ephemeris is essentially a book of planetary positions that tells you where the planets were any year and any day of the year. This will help you memorize and figure out the movements of the planets, so you can track where they will be in the future and use that to relate them back to your birth chart.

Follow Your Transits Every Day

The planets are continuously moving. In the future the planets will move into the different signs of the zodiac in different positions. If you look into where the planets are now in relation to where they were in your birth chart, that will give you insight into patterns and themes coming up in your life.

One way to follow your transits is to check your personal daily horoscope. It is the next best thing from seeing an actual astrologer.

This will allow you to see what short-term and long-term transits you are having and on each day of the week. Find one that takes into account the positions of your birth chart and all the planets that are in the sky at the present point in time.

Practice Studying Your Family And Friends’ Birth Charts

A fun way to practice what you learned in this article and to see how astrology works around you is to read your loved ones’ birth charts and connect how they relate to their personalities and experiences.

For even more fun, you can try tarot reading to see how tarot cards connect with your astrology discoveries.

In Conclusion

Astrology is an age-old practice that allows us to explore patterns in our world and in ourselves. Following the tips above will help get you on your way to understanding yourself so you can make more meaningful choices and improve the trajectory of your life.

By Anurag Rathod

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