phases of the moon

Studying the stars can help when you are studying the markets. By knowing the features of your astrological chart, you can gain insight into what features of your chart can help or hurt you financially. Additionally, you will have a better idea of when to take a risk and when to wait.

Manifest With the Moon

The phases of the moon can do a lot to boost your financial focus, which is often key to creating a mindset of wealth and a strong concept of enough.

Because wealth is something that is easy to chase, staying on top of your desires and building focus is critical to have exactly what you want without extraneous stress and pressure. During the waxing crescent period of the visible moon, the sliver of the new moon is growing. You will need a notebook to write down your dreams, goals, and intention of how you will grow your wealth. At this time, putting pen to paper is critical. You are building mental connections between your brain and your hands, which will do the work that builds your wealth.

As the moon goes from one quarter to full, look for opportunities that come to you. You have written down what you want and primed that neural pathway for success. The buildup to the full moon is your time to act on the opportunities that come to you. During the full moon, keep an eye out for how your intentions aligned with the results. Like the moon, wanes, refine your manifestation plans even further and write things down again after the new moon.

Be extremely specific as your ability to define your intentions grows. Earning more money is a cheery goal, but making an extra $15K next year is specific. You may suddenly receive an opportunity to earn an additional thousand dollars a month. Even if you do not hit the intended $15K, that extra thousand can bring your goals a lot closer.

Review Your Second and Eleventh House

The second house on your chart is related to wealth, while the eleventh house is related to possessions. Intention and clarity are key when working in either house.

If you constantly feel like you will never have enough things, your second house may constantly feel a lack. Because the second house is often impacted by our emotional power, you must strive to feel satisfaction about the possessions you have accumulated. If you do not enjoy what you own, aim to direct your purchasing power to items that serve you well. As your contentment in your possessions grows, the satisfaction of the eleventh house will impact your confidence in the second house and you will find wealth accumulation easier.

To determine your second house, seek out a skilled astrologist. You will need to give them your date and time of birth, as well as the zip code of your birth if at all possible so they can determine exactly what was going on in the sky over you when you first drew breath.

Know When to Risk

Your daily horoscope can give you a lot of information about yourself, the world around you, and your reaction to it. If you are feeling confident about your place in the world, you will be able to use that confident shield to protect yourself from financial hazards. If you are less than confident, it is a good day to hunker down and put in the work to maintain.

Safety is an illusion that many of us are seeking. However, staying safe is no way to grow, nor is it a way to challenge yourself. That being said, if you are in a situation that makes you question your trust in your fellow humans, your horoscope can give you an idea of when that will get better and how your actions can improve it.

Finally, do your best to diversify. Your astrological horoscope can tell you a lot, but so can your bank account, your boss, and your side hustle opportunities. Sometimes the best way to accumulate wealth and build financial security is to be a skilled steward or manager of what you already have. Buy with an eye toward long-term satisfaction. If you plan to connect with friends and loved ones, look for ways to cherish them without blowing your budget.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.