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As we proceed towards the age of automation, having proper coding skills can help you stay relevant in the job market. In fact, coding is now taught to kids from a young age. If you did not get the opportunity to learn any form of coding at a young age, don’t worry. You can start your coding journey by learning Java.

Why Java – you may ask. Well, Java is one of the oldest running programming languages we have right now. While it has gone through several changes in terms of forms in code writing, style, and framework, it plays a crucial role in app development, game development, building scientific applications, developing e-commerce systems, and more.

In this blog, we will discuss 9 reasons why you should learn Java in 2021.

Beginner-friendly language that gives you a competitive edge:

One of the biggest reasons to start your coding journey with java is its beginner-friendly nature. The syntax of Java coding help matches quite a bit with its predecessors, including C, C++, and others. While Java has all the major features its predecessors had, it also packs a number of advanced features that are extremely useful in today’s date.

Java also comes with advanced memory management tools that its predecessors lacked. Runtime Environment automates a variety of functions, including memory allocation, reallocation, and deallocation via an in-built tool called the Garbage collector. Moreover, the object-oriented programming help nature of Java makes it more precise and readable for working on real-time projects, even if you are a beginner.

Advanced features:

As mentioned earlier, Java is one of the oldest running programming languages that are currently in use. However, it will be a mistake to think that Java is outdated. In fact, Java has evolved significantly over time and has introduced some remarkable changes and add-ons to the programming language.

The latest version of Java, Java 16, was released on March 16, 2021. The one before that, Java 15 offered the latest text blocks, Z Garbage Collector, a foreign access API, hidden classes, and the sealed classes previews, pattern matching, and records.

Versatility and Code Portability:

Java follows a fundamental principle – “Write once, and run anywhere.” Now, Java uses Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that helps convert the code written in the user’s preferred language into machine level language (ByteCode). Then the interpreter compiles and executes the code. JVM follows the same protocol irrespective of the type of the host operating system.

Moreover, the object-oriented nature of the language helps bind the data members and data manipulating methods together. The process of data binding makes your data more secure. Besides, Java is capable of working with numerous resources and working over the network. These features make Java the most versatile language for programming.

Support of an open-source library:

Even though Java is commercialised, a majority of the Java features are still open-source. In fact, you can use it for building beginner level, small-case projects. Most importantly, Java has a massive pool of libraries and support files. Java offers support of popular libraries, including Google Guava, Maven, Apache Commons, and more.

Java Enterprise edition:

The enterprise edition of Java introduces advanced features and sophisticated specifications to the programming language in collaboration with Java Standard Edition. With Java EE enabled, Java developers can work with advanced level as well as real-time projects in the IT industry.

Besides, the API support in Java took the programming language to another height. It allows developers to integrate back-end, front-end, and supporting libraries to develop new applications. Developers do not even need to worry about complex internal code implementations.

Strong community support:

Another reason for learning Java is that you can find a lot of communities, forums and groups on the internet regarding Java. The fellow developers in the communities and forums are enthusiastic all the time to help others resolve issues regarding Java. Since Java is used for various purposes and has been there for a long, the chances are that most developers are aware of the problems that you as a beginner may face. So, when in doubt, you can seek assistance from others in the community.

An array of development tools:

You will be glad to know that Java is the most sought after programming language for the development of a wide variety of software and applications. The reason is very simple. They develop a variety of software development tools for support. Some of those tools are:

  • Android Studio
  • Eclipse
  • IntelliJ
  • Netbeans

A massive number of applications are dependent on Java:

By now, you must have understood that Java is quite powerful a language, and it has penetrated almost every industry over its long existence. You will be surprised to know how many applications are dependent on Java. Here are a few of them to give you an idea:

  • Banking sectors
  • Financial services
  • Information technology sectors
  • Software development sector
  • Stock markets

High in demand:

If you master Java programming, it will help you land high-paying jobs in the market. In fact, Java developers remain one of the high paid developers in the IT industry. The reason is very simple. As discussed in the previous point, there is a widespread dependency on Java for running of apps across various industries.

As a matter of fact, a Java developer in the US earns a salary of $85,000.


After learning about the advantages of Java, all the other programming languages may start to seem inferior. So, find a credible programming course on Java and start learning the programming language if you want to leverage it to boost your career.

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