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Small businesses always have to struggle to establish their identity in the market. In the shadow of industry giants and among the multiple financial fronts and business responsibilities, identity remains neglected. Branding can help them build and rebuild their role in the world of commerce and also define their significance for the people. Small businesses can try specific branding tips from customers to peers to help them get recognition in the market.

Create a valuable message

Definitely, it is the essential thing to have in your branding and promotion efforts. A business, no matter how small or business exists in the market only if it has some value to add to the lives of the people. There should be no sound of self-centeredness when you communicate with customers.

  • What does your valuable message should contain?
  • Decide what to say and what not to say –It should be the right choice of what you need to tell and what you need not tell. For example, – you are a lender offeringno guarantor loans on the instant decision, you may tell about the features of instant approval decision and customization.

But you might not want to tell that if a person is financially weak, he may not get a very big amount. This is something very clear in the word ‘customisation’ you promote.

  • Focus on the utility and not the product – A kitchen device selling company can do much better if it focuses on the usefulness of the product. It should not focus just on the price/color/how it is better than the other companies.

Customers want to listen to what they can expect from the device. Some unique selling points can be –what is it safe to use? How much speedy it is? Why it is cost-effective? What is the durability etc.?

Add the feel of ‘local’.

You know very well how across the globe people nowadays are trying to support the local businesses, and these are usually small. As the one among them, you can take a lot of benefits.

  • Use branding to address local concerns, and you will see a big, positive change. People love the feel of indigenous, especially when they are not well connected to the rest of the world.
  • Tell about your local stores/shops/outlets etc., to extend the support of proximity. Customers are always ready to try things that are near to them.
  • Explain the demand-based feature because nowadays, people embrace local products and services because they are much more customised for local needs.

Relate with the current scenario

Small businesses can bring a lot of change in their current situation by relating their brand with the current situation. For this, they do not need to face competition with big brands. Branding cannot afford to stay behind the mainstream changes in the market. People always want to move forward, even if they talk about their past, they relate it to the future.

Always add the feel of current conditions in your branding efforts. The needs of the customers keep changing according to the circumstances. Example –The current and most relatable example is the corona pandemic that has done prevalent destruction to the financial lives and economies.

In such situations, if a direct lender should possibly promote something like one click loans. Add the message something like, ‘money in just one click’. People all over the world are in financial crisis, and they are in desperate need of funds. This message may help a lot.

Make a committed and focused marketing plan.

Branding should always be backed-up with a decided and determined marketing plan. The whole branding campaign needs a guide and direction. Without that, it can never reach its desired direction. You need to know every time what is the next step.

How to make a marketing plan for branding?

  • Decide the duration of the branding campaign. Obviously, you cannot keep going on with the same campaign your whole life. There has to be some limit, and it makes you work more efficiently because there is a limit of time.
  • Set the budgetary limits because every branding journey has to make sure that it is within the decided boundaries of expenditure. You will be using varied media platforms, and you have to distribute according to their significance. A small business has to be more peculiar on the budget side because the money scarcity is always there.
  • Relate it with a cause. Nowadays, when people are trying to support local businesses, their morals are relatively high. In that case, you cannot sound selfish. Add a small social concern message.

It is imperative to understand that branding is an ongoing process, and you have to change the strategy every time. Small businesses need to be much more cautious in their branding efforts because the money they spend is always precious. They do not have multiple financial resources and have set limits on how much they can spend on branding. It is better to play safe and wise.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.