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When you find out that wildlife like rodents, squirrels, and raccoons live inside your house, you call a company for their removal. They will come up, find their nests or set up traps to remove them. The same is the case with pests that are removed by the use of pesticides or pest control sprays. But when you find out that there are bats inside your house, you should be very careful while looking for a wildlife removal company. 

Are you wondering why is that so? Bats are considered important species by the concerned authorities all around the world as they are essential for our ecosystem. They have a huge role in controlling the insect population, and most importantly, they pollinate the flowers.

But the question is what should one do when the presence of bats is found in the house? The answer is simple; hire a professional bat removal company. Luckily some professional companies are authorized for bat control, and they provide safe removal without harming them. Here is a complete guide to controlling bats and how you can get rid of them humanely. 

Signs that Ensure the Presence of Bats 

Some people are unaware of the presence of bats until their community grows bigger. That is very unfortunate for a house owner as once bats start causing harm; the situation becomes extremely problematic. However, some signs guarantee the presence of bats, and once you start seeing those signs, you should call a company that provides bat control service. These signs are:

1. When Bats are Frequently Seen Outdoors

If there are bats in your house, then you may see them roaming around at night when you are walking on the lawn. This means they have made their nest nearby and most probably inside your house. Bats are super active during the nighttime as they leave their nests in search of food. The pollination process is also done during the night, and if you see increased outdoor sightings of bats, that guarantees their presence.

2. The Disturbing Smell of Ammonia

Ammonia is known to have a pungent smell, and the same is the smell of bat guano. If you constantly feel that disturbing smell in your space, then that guarantees the presence of bats. However, the presence of ammonia smell doesn’t have to be because of bat guano only. Sometimes even their presence without any droppings leads to the smell.

3. Chirping Sound 

Many people are unaware of the sounds bat cause, and they mix their chirping with the sound of crickets. When you hear chirping sound increasing around your property, you should call a company that deals in controlling bats as the sound may be coming from a bat nest.

How Can Bats Hurt You?

Bats are very important for our ecosystem, but that doesn’t mean that they are not harmful. The presence of bats can be very dangerous for a house owner. They not only cause certain diseases but also cause a lot of structural damages. Therefore calling a bat control service on time is necessary, and here is why.

1. Breathing Problems

The fungus that grows on the guano of bats can spread and be inhaled. As a result, you will feel breathing issues, and sometimes the results may get severe. Such kinds of medical problems require long-term medical assistance. So, please beware of such issues and consult a doctor as soon as you face such problems. 

2. Damage to the Property

When bats make their nests in the roofs and attics, their guano can be dangerous for your ceilings. The moisture of bat guano is absorbed by the ceiling, which begins to rot after some time. Bat guano and urine have a high amount of dangerous substances that can be dangerous for your house’s structure. This can happen very quickly as bats live in large numbers, and you won’t get any time for repairs if it’s too late. Bats can cause wood decay, stains, and corrosion as well. 

3. Presence of Parasites

The presence of bats invites harmful parasites like fleas. Such parasites can be very dangerous, and you must get rid of them as soon as possible to avoid any major health issues.

Things to Do When You Have Bats inside Your House

Once the bats make their nests inside your house, it gets almost impossible to remove them. The first reason is that the law prohibits you from harming them. The second is that even if you remove them somehow, they will come back. The most appropriate thing to do once you feel the presence of bats is to call a company that provides the services of controlling bats. These companies have professional services and guarantee the removal of bats without killing or harming them. They remove bats by using methods that are humane and safe. These professionals trap the bats and let them loose in a far place so that they don’t come back to your place again. More reasons to call such companies are as follows:

  • Professional companies ensure the presence of competent staff for bat control. They are skilled and have been trained to remove bats without killing or harming them.
  • Their staff is well aware of the entrance points that bats use to enter a house. These points are very difficult to locate for a common man.
  • Professional companies seal the entrance points that bats use to enter your house so that bats don’t find their way back to your place ever.
  • Moreover, the staff removes the nests so that even if the bats try to return, they don’t find it comfortable to stay.

These companies are professional and must be immediately consulted whenever you feel the presence of bats at your place. By providing the most effective solutions, they ensure that bats are not harmed, and you get rid of them in a humane and safe way. So, if you feel like bats are residing somewhere at your place, look for a professional bat control company and hire its services to get rid of bats. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.