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Reasons Why Uber Clone App is getting more Popular in The Past Decade

Reasons Why Uber Clone App is getting more Popular in The Past Decade

2019 marks as the 10th year of Uber operation. What started as a taxi booking company in San Francisco is now operating in 450+ cities with over 100 million customers.

Uber disrupted the entire taxi industry with its innovative technology. Disruption in a field happens when that particular field/area is running with little or no innovation and suddenly a new technology lands on it. The traditional taxis were working with a lot of cons but still enjoyed the patronage of a lot of people due to some inevitable reasons.

In the traditional taxi business, the rider has to wave his/her in the streets to get a taxi. Most of the times, the rider has to argue with the driver over cab fare. So, problems like these took a heavy beating on the taxi industry. Still, they operated because of the commuters had no other alternative.

Uber sensed the complications in the traditional taxi industry and they tackled it with just a mobile app. From booking a cab to fare estimation, everything can be done in their app. Uber leveraged the internet reach and widespread mobile phone use to their advantage.

Not to mention, Uber opened the on-demand market and that’s all, now the on-demand market is flooded with a lot of startups for every service. Some entrepreneurs wanted to replicate the Uber model and create an on-demand taxi booking firm. Lyft, Ola, Didi Chuxing are some popular firms like Uber.

Uber created the app for its business from scratch. Creating an app from scratch requires around $10,000 to $40,000. Also, Uber received funding from many external sources. This is not the case for many other entrepreneurs aspiring to start a taxi business.

They cannot shell out such gargantuan amount to create an app. For such people there came a boon in the form of app clone scripts. App clone scripts cost less than $5000.  

So far, there is app clone scripts for facebook, FoodPanda, Uber, GoJek, Tinder, Ola, and many more. The Uber app clone script is an exact replica of the original Uber taxi app. With Uber clone app, one can customize it for any other on-demand based services.

The reason for the popularity of Uber clone app is cited below

You need not be a skilled programmer to work on app clone scripts:

Building an app from scratch requires a lot of skill and hiring dedicated developers for that is very costly. But Uber app clone scripts are ready-made and can be customized according to the needs of clients.

Even after the purchase, in case of any changes, the client can request the company for further customization.

Even a novice can ace an on-demand app with an app clone script:

Do you have an on-demand business idea? Then, straight away create a business plan and revenue model. Explain this plan to the app clone script developing company. With a sense of will power and networking, it is very much easy to run a Uber like firm

Less risk

Already you have invested a lot of money in the business. Since the cost of app clone script is less, one can easily streamline the money and use it for other purposes.

Doesn’t take much time to build Uber clones

Developing an app from scratch requires a minimum of two to three months. In case of app clones, once the client finalized the app, the Uber app clone is delivered in a day.

App clones come with rich modules and features

The clone scripts are well built with all the needed features and modules a client is looking for. You just need to choose the right Uber clone script with rich features.

No need for in-depth research

Since you are using the clone of well-established brands like Uber, little is need on research about the product.

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