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When you have children or are on your way to making a family then you have to consider many important things. The most vital of all is the safety of the child and especially when he/ she grow up.

Why Be Careful About Window Treatments With Children?

Although the window treatments look fantastic and beautiful when they are fully and properly installed; but at times these coverings can become dangerous if any fault is in them. But some treatment options like outdoor roller blinds that are safer than others.

Cords Or Ropes Catch The Neck

When the cords and ropes are too long and are in reach of the children; then it is a possibility that the cord gets caught in the neck of the child and can suffocate him/ her.

The Beads Stuck In Throat

Many of the window treatments have cords that have small beads joined together. As you know that children have a habit of putting everything in their mouths; they can do the same and beads can suffocate the child by stuck into the throat.

Head Caught In The Plates Of Shutters

Some kinds of blind and shutter are created by joining multiple plates of blinds and shutters through a cord. When they get damaged and the plates get removed then the heads of the child can stick in-between the empty plates.

What Parts Of Window Treatments Are Dangerous?

You must know what window treatment safety are vital for keeping the children safe. Two parts of the window coverings are the ones that are dangerous for the child.

Cords Of Window Treatments Is The Main Reason

The cords of the window treatments are the ones that can affect the child by getting caught in the neck of the child. But many blind manufactures like Outdoor Blinds Southwest make sure that the products are safe for children.

The Plates Of Shutters Are Threatening

At times the plates of the blinds and shutters get damaged and remove from a place; leaving gaps between. The head of any other body part can get stuck in the space.

Children Of What Age Are Affected The Most?

The most dangerous age that parents can encounter in the lives of their children is between 2 years and 5 years. During this age, the child is most curious and mobile and play with whatever is new.

Types Of Window Treatments Best For Children

After knowing what dangers the child faces when there is a cord or damaged plate of the window treatments; it is vital to install the window coverings that are the best for houses that have children.

Outdoor Roller Blinds

The outdoor roller blinds in Southwest are the most appropriate because they are installed on the outer side of the window; making it out of reach of the child. 

Cordless Window Treatments

This is the simplest way of operating a window treatment in which no cord or rope is hanging. You can easily slide the coverings.

Remote Control Window Coverings

Almost all window treatments and especially outdoor roller blinds can be installed with a remote-controlled mechanism; which the safest option for a house and family with a child.

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