Gone are the days when a lawyer had to deal with every aspect of the law for their clients. Today, you have many kinds of lawyers specialised in different legal areas. You can hire one among them for your need as per your requirement and their expert knowledge in their chosen legal field is sure to assist in clearing your legal issues. But, before selecting a lawyer, you need understand how different specialities of law are. 

There are general practicing lawyers who deal with all kinds of legal problems however, their support won’t be enough if your legal matter is quite complicated. Hence, you need to choose specialised lawyer dealing with a particular stream of law. A general attorney is the best resource for recommending a specialised attorney who can handle your legal issue with ease. 

The Most Common Types of Lawyers: 

Family Lawyer

As the term suggests, the attorney would be an expert in dealing with domestic issues that would need legal support. They frequently deal with issues including divorce, prenuptial agreements, court cases, and child custody. Even child abuse and domestic violence issues are dealt by them. They are the best solution givers if you are involved in any family disputes. 

Criminal Lawyer

They mainly deal with all kinds of crime. They defend their client accused of being involved in crimes like murder, theft, rape, assault, and many more. Most legal crime cases are subjected to trials at court, thus opt for an expert criminal lawyer. They have great practical knowledge to gain pleas, arrange bail and clear allegation. 

Estate Lawyer or Estate Planning Lawyer

The lawyers are quite expertise in handling any legal matters related to land assets. They are even hired to manage assets. Such attorneys are required for those who wish to draught their own wills or who want to set up trusts. They also act as an executor of your assets to settle any claims outside your will. 

Corporate Lawyers

They are hired to solve or arrange all the legal matters of a company or cooperation. Some companies hire corporate layers on contract basis, and some make sure to have them as part of their manpower. A highly flourishing company needs their assistance mostly to handle notaries, legal agreements and even acquisitions, working management complaints and more.

Civil Ligation Lawyer: 

They are the best supporter to solve any civil issues regarding family, employment, land disputes and so on. They deal with non-criminal situations, therefore regardless of any legal concerns, they manage any matters that mostly focus on settlements between two hostile parties. 

Commercial Lawyers: 

They are consulted by entrepreneurs as the lawyers are involved in many kinds of legal matters regarding business like preparing contracts, make legal strategies according to trade regulations and even handling litigation. 

Personal Injury Lawyers: 

Their help is needed when a person is suffering injuries because of another person fault. Their advice helps to obtain compensation while using a defective product, suffering injuries due to medical malpractice, or even for wounds sustained while at the job site. Even for wrongful death they help in claiming compensations and filing complaint against the person or party who are at fault.

In Australia, lawyers are known as barristers and solicitors. There is little difference in their way of settling legal matters. 


They get their degree in law after attending University and then studying further in a law school. They specialise during law they are passionate about and support their career. They resolve legal disputes in court and are professionals at resolving any issue including criminal activity, civil disputes, business challenges, employee complaints, family conflicts, and more. 


The lawyers mostly practising law for minimum of two years and pass a test to solve legal matters out of court. They are the most beneficial supporters to get legal assistance whenever there is a need to solve small issues, prepare legal documents and contracts. They are even hired to arrange lease papers, immigration papers and contracts regarding property law. 


Australian lawyers are further categorised as a divorce lawyer, vehicle injury attorney and more. All you need to do is search for the most reputed attorney specialised to handle your legal problems.

By Anurag Rathod

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