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The door lock is an essential part of any residential or commercial space. With the abundance of lock products available in the market, choosing the best type can be confusing to many. There are many different types of locks for residential and commercial applications, and understanding how each function can help you find the right locks for your home or business.

Knob Locks

The knob lock is the most common among door lock types and probably the most familiar to you. The lock cylinder is mounted on the knob itself instead of the door. Knob locks are ideally used on interior doors because of their limited amount of security. They can be broken by simply banging with a hammer or wrench. If used on exterior doors, knob locks should be reinforced with deadbolts for added protection.


Deadbolts could easily be the king of door locks system. Deadbolt locks work by turning a knob or key without the help of a spring. Their unique locking mechanism is almost immune to banging, battering, or boring, making them an excellent choice for exterior doors. Deadbolts come in single, double, and C types. They are widely used in both residential properties and commercial spaces because they offer the most protection against break-ins or burglaries. 

Lever Handle Locks

Lever handle locks use a lever on one side that swings up or down to release the bolt. They are easy to operate with one hand and are more commonly used on the interior doors of commercial buildings than residential properties. Like knob locks, lever handle locks are not an excellent choice for exterior use because their handles are easy to break and bypass, and the locks do not provide much security. 

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks combine two different lock types into one hardware. They utilize a doorknob or lever plus a deadbolt. Mortise locks are sturdier and more reliable than other lock types, so they are the top choice for commercial doors, entry glass doors, and apartment doors. Mortise locks can put up a more robust defense against forced entry and can withstand use and abuse.

Electronic and Smart Locks

Electronic locks do not require keys to lock and unlock, allowing for more efficient access control of the doors. Electronic locks are usually seen in hotel rooms and offices, although more and more homes and apartments are starting to use this type of lock. Many electronic locks have a common lock mechanism in case the user forgets the code or card key. Smart locks are a newer breed of electronic locks that allow remote access to your home through a smartphone.

Barrel Bolt Locks

Barrel bolt locks are a basic locking mechanism used to secure a door from one side. It is composed of a sliding metal bar mounted on the door and a catch plate attached to the door frame. Barrel bolts stop the door from opening while the bolt is still connected to the catch plate. They come in a variety of metal types and sizes, depending on the application. Some homeowners install barrel bolts to exterior doors for extra safety.


Padlocks are the simplest of all the lock types out there. These locks consist of the body, the shackle, and the locking mechanism and can be opened with a key or number combination. Padlocks are portable and are not attached to anything else. They are used on doors that do not require strict security, as padlocks can easily be bypassed or broken by force.

There are more door lock types that you can consider when in the market for locks. Drop by a locksmith store Hollywood, or visit Kardo Lock and Security for advice on the best locking mechanism for your needs. If you require an emergency locksmith Universal City, they can cover all types of lock and security needs at your convenience.

By Anurag Rathod

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