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Whenever any travel plans are finalized, I start scrolling Instagram for fashion inspiration. My photo gallery gets flooded with screenshots of fashion influencers and celebs flaunting their uber-stylish travel looks (#airportdiaries).

I wish to replicate their looks and make heads turn with classy clothing wherever I go!

But, what I wish differs entirely from what I end up looking like.

The fear of long, tiring travel and the hassles that come with it leave me opting for a comfy outfit dug out from my wardrobe at the last moment.

The priority of staying comfortable always takes over my impulse to look voguish!

This blog is meant for people who can relate to the same issue.

Although comfort is the critical factor to consider while traveling, but that doesn’t mean you have to lower your position on the style meter. Keeping this in mind, I have come up with some great outfit ideas for your next journey. You can be assured that comfort and style will go hand in hand if you try them.


Leather jackets look good on travelers as they give a fashionable, elegant look. Plus, you don’t have to worry about wrinkles with them. They can highlight even the plainest outfit like no other piece of clothing can.

A blue leather jacket, paired with stretchy black jeggings and loafers is a great outfit idea for long-distance traveling. As the jacket is enough to do all the talking for itself, you can wear a plain white t-shirt beneath it.


The air-conditioning in the plane or waiting lounges often get too chilled and call for a cozy cover-up. If you layer your outfit with a plush cardigan, not only will it provide you warmth, but also give a complete upscale look.

Pair a pale pink cardigan with dark jeans and ankle boots for a chic look. You can wear a long tassel necklace with this outfit to give it a personalized touch.


I just love denim jackets. They provide the coverage and a super cool look, plus you can feel at ease while wearing them.

Denim jackets can glam up the simplest of dresses instantly. Therefore, our outfit idea with the denim jacket is to wear it over a plain black maxi. Enhance the look by wearing hoop earrings and a silver pendant necklace.


If you decide to go for a polished, business casual look, nothing can help you achieve that better than a blazer.

The good thing about wearing an oversized blazer while traveling is that you can easily go for a monochrome look beneath it like a black tank top and leggings. The color of the blazer will give a nice color break to your outfit, and the length will provide you with the coverage if you want it.


What’s one particular piece of clothing that fantastically balances the style and comfort? It sure is a beautiful, sleek tunic shirt!

As tunics are loose and breathable, they will be an excellent choice to wear in hot and humid weather. Tunic tops ooze out feminity and class.

I would suggest you to pull off a fashionable look by pairing your blue jeans with a plaided, collared tunic. Roll a soft shaded, lightweight pashmina around your neck so that it can provide warmth if needed. Some charming, delicate bracelets would look extremely trendy with this outfit.


Who says denim is just for men? Denim shirts look so slick on women. You need to have at least one in your wardrobe. Outfit ideas with denim shirts are also versatile.

You can either pair your denim shirt with drapey pants or give a tomboyish touch to the outfit with a fedora hat. This look is definitely my favorite one among all for its comfort and swank.


If you are landing at a place where you will be welcomed by chilly weather, layer your outfit with a thick, cozy hoodie.

A lightweight shirt, dark-colored leggings, and long boots gel well with a hoodie on top. This is a look that can be termed as “classy.” The fashion police might disregard this outfit by terming it as too comfy. However, you can glam up your outfit by buying the right sized hoodie and wisely choosing the options for pairing like those mentioned above.


No one can deny the fact of how cozy sweatshirts are. They are a perfect choice for travel clothing. If you know which sweatshirt goes well with what kind of bottom, you will be able to look like a true fashionista, all the while feeling warm and cozy.

A glamorous outfit idea is to wear a pale-colored sweatshirt with white capri pants. Pull up the sleeves for a stylish look and accessorize minimally. Sneakers will go well with this outfit.


Want a cool, voguish look for your travel look book?

High waist trousers are all the rage these days, and they look incredibly charming. In addition to that, they give a slimmer illusion if you are looking forward to achieving that.

Just make sure to buy loose-fitting ones for optimum mobility while you are traveling. Also, crop tops and high waist pants go hand in hand, so use them for a trendy look.


We cannot talk about travel ensembles and not discuss the role jogger pants can play. Comfy yet dressy, jogger pants top the list of perfect bottoms to wear while on the go.

Jogger pants, also known as harem pants, are loose from the torso, allowing air circulation and ease of mobility. They give off an affluent and casual look. You can go for some cute graphic T-shirts or blouses in flowy fabrics to wear with your jogger pants. My personal favorite is a white crop top with grey joggers for a chic look. You can also wear a military jacket for layering the outfit.


If you feel like you should go with a look that is more on the bolder side, opt for a shirt dress. It would be a one-piece outfit that will help you stay comfortable without compromising on style.

You can use a belt or a silk scarf with a shirt dress for a pulled off look. But don’t go overboard with accessories, as that is one of the most common fashion mistakes women make.


I know, you must be wondering, “is she actually recommending loungewear for travel outfit ideas?”

Yes, I am. Because who cares about the look being categorized as lazy fashion if it is nailing the style and comfort simultaneously?

Try pairing up a light grey sweatpant with a blue knitted tank top. Tie a scarf, or even your sweater around your neck, or wear a blingy neck chain to glamorize your casual look.


Any outfit is incomplete without a bag, and I will advise you to get yourself a lovely tote bag in a neutral shade so that it can be paired with multiple outfits.

Also, shoes are of utmost importance while traveling. You will realize it if you ever make a mistake of wearing strappy stilettos en route. Always wear a pair of comfy loafers, travel sneakers, or flipflops to stay comfortable. 

By wearing comfortable outfits that also look trendy, you will have the freedom to explore as much as possible, all the while looking like a diva. Also, you will have something worth looking back to as the photos will be proof that you enjoyed to your heart’s content while looking fabulous. I bet you will cherish the voyage even more!

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.