5 Traits of the Best Life Coach

Whether you are looking for the best life coach New York to find some guidance or want to become a life coach, you must be wondering what the essential traits of a life coach are? A life coach is an extensive term and focuses on numerous fields such as business coach, weight loss coach, personality coach, etc. Thus, you have to pick the area of life coaching first before moving ahead. 

The best life coach New York is a person who can understand your issue and help you in finding the solution. A life coach is your guide who shows you the right path and encourage you to fight with your fears. However, the roles and responsibilities of life coach change with the operational field. 

If you want to become or hire the best life coach, you have to look for or develop the following traits –


The best life coach New York has to be focused and attentive. They have to understand the problem of their client so that the right solution can be provided. If a life coach isn’t invested in the issues of clients, he or she won’t be able to offer the correct answers. Furthermore, the life coach has to stay attentive during the meeting with clients so that he can ask random questions to gain an insight into the issue. 

Effective Time Management 

The best life coach New York must possess practical time management skills. A coach has to systematically divide his time so that he has sufficient time to study the client’s profile, requirements, and problems before attending the meeting. If you aren’t fully organised while meeting your clients, you can’t handle multiple clients at one time. Importantly, if the coach doesn’t show fantastic time management skills, how can clients trust him or her. Thus, time management is one of the vital attributes of a life coach’s personality. 

Business Management Skills

It doesn’t matter whether you are providing business coaching or not; you need to possess some level of business management skills to manage your business successfully. From preparing your accounting books to creating marketing strategies, you require necessary business management skills to expand your coaching business. If you are failing to run your own business, how can you advise other people?

Marketing Skills

Today, high competition is present in every business sector, and the coaching industry isn’t void from it. There are plenty of different life coaches available in the market; thus, if you want to grow your business, you need to be a marketer too. Additionally, with digitalisation, there are multiple different marketing channels have been available. 

Nowadays, you have the option to use traditional marketing channels like signages, flyers, posters, brochures, and other ways to promote your business. On the other hand, you have digital marketing options like websites, social media, blogs, reviews, forums, and many more. It depends on your marketing skills on how you exploit all these marketing channels to enhance your business reach. However, if you can hire a marketing company to help you out, but necessary marketing skills still come in handy. 

Personality Traits 

Apart from professional skills, one life coach should be humble, friendly, and empathetic. It is the responsibility of a life coach to make people feel comfortable so that they can freely share their problems. A coach has to maintain balance, compassion, and professional feelings. You can’t get emotionally involved in your client’s life and not to remain wholly detached – you need to maintain balance. 

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