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It is difficult to be back on normality after traveling in a private jet for the first time. The fuel efficiency and speed of aircraft are increasing together as the aircraft manufacturing firms are making the fastest and most fuel-efficient planes all around the world. Going beyond the sound barriers and producing an ultimate turbofan engine can easily tell you that moving from one part of the world to another is way much quicker. You can even uber for a charter flight to explore the world’s fastest private jets in the world. Also, consider what the future holds charter flights

Gulfstream G650

If you are an aviation enthusiast, you will be familiar with the Gulfstream’s accomplishments. Gulfstream is a successor of G500 and G550, the private jets which have already made their names in private jet industry. Gulfstream G650 was tested for three consecutive years for its groundbreaking design.

The fundamental design of this jet is one the finest aircraft design in the whole world. It has many unique features like wing structure that alters air passes through the model that leads to impressive velocity.

Gulfstream G650 is the only one private jet aircraft which is highly customizable with 12 unique and different floor plans for buyers to choose from. Many skilled pilots have mentioned that G650 is the fastest, luxurious, long range as well as the most advanced charter plane in history.

This charter jet will cost around $65 million as it has recently come to market as a private charter. It’s not at all cheap, not even costly. One trip from London to Dubai will cost $150,000 which way much costly. But money isn’t your problem then explore this aircraft and fly high in the sky.

Cesena Citation X

Boasting the margin lines of the super-fast Gulfstream G650, there is a rocket available in the market. Cessna is faster than Gulfstream G650 which has neutral colors i.e. black and silver. This color design pattern gives Citation X, the more futuristic look with suave and sophistication.

If you explore this jet and visits the bathroom, the furnished layer of mirrors will make you learn the real meaning of word sleek. This sleek look of this plane makes it look more expansive. Keeping various futuristic ideas, there are much-advanced integrations with touchscreen controls through which you can control lighting, audio, temperature, and much more impressive stuff.

Well, being one of the fastest private jets in the industry, the makers of Citation X are also well known. The most luxurious car making company, Rolls Royce has designed and created its two turbofan engine. These engines are beast and deliver tremendous power with the speed of 617 mph.

Aerion AS2

This private jet has no boundaries as the top-speed is mention around 1,217 mph. Aerion AS2 is not been launched as it is restricted by the US government due to its supersonic speed. As it will cross the border, it will have to decrease the speed to 754 mph.

Aerion AS2 will be launched in 2019 with the expected price of $100 million. This aircraft has the capability to carry 12 passengers at one time. Well, it the future of the private jet industry.

This is how you measure the speed of Private jets

There are various advantages that you can enjoy while traveling through uber for private jets. A relaxing journey with full entertainment, beverages as well as food offers you a great opportunity to travel long distance trips with the flow of luxury. With these fastest plane, you can simply travel from one place to another quickly.

Book your private jet today and experience the actual meaning of speed.

By Anurag Rathod

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