business in Brazil

While Brazil may seem to be a very interesting and enterprising location for good business, it poses certain challenges in order to start something easily here.

Let us delve into some of the major challenges for running a business in Brazil,


The rate of attrition in Brazil for some reason is very high. People in Brazil love changing jobs every now and then. There is some sort of a mirage that pulls them from one place to the other incessantly. People easily change jobs just for a few thousand BRLs or some extra benefits.

In this scenario, if you have to maintain your staff then you have to make sure that you keep updating the policies. Keep an eye on what the others in the industry are paying their people and what kind of small perks you can offer that will keep them loyal to you.

Handling human resources in the right way is absolutely critical. There are too many things that one has to focus on. Today’s market is 100% people-centric. People like to work in an environment of their choice. They want their work to make them happy.

This is why you too must focus on maintaining a clear flow of work, a proper hierarchy and an easy system to adhere to. Make coming to work a simple choice, not something that people despise. An amicable environment is absolutely critical. Do not make approaching people difficult. If people like where they work, they will definitely pass over smaller benefits to stick to you.


Taxes in Brazil are probably the biggest enemy of a good economy. There are way too many taxes complicating the process of running a business and discouraging the entrepreneurs from going full bore and earning more and more from these services.

The different taxes levied business in Brazil include:

  • CIDE
  • CSLL
  • Import Duty
  • IOF
  • IPI
  • PIS/Pasep
  • ICMS

These are just a few. There are many other taxes in Brazil which in turn causes serious discouragement for entrepreneurs.

Become a mobile app reseller

This is probably a good option for everyone because that saves a whole lot of tax troubles. In fact, the most popular kind of mobile app is the Taxi app.

There are many pre-existing taxi companies in Brazil that are looking for an app based platform to enable different customers to make a booking for a cab from their smartphones.

Considering this, it will definitely be a lot easier for you to sell such mobile apps. You don’t even have to put in any kind of effort in making a fleet ready or hiring new staff. You also don’t need to bother with building an app and hire technical experts.

All you do is purchase readymade uber clone app Brazil which has a local language and local currency option, i.e., it should have Portuguese and Brazilian Reals in the application. You simply buy it from a reputable company and then go and sell it to a company in Brazil. You get a commission in the middle. So basically, you can avoid both the biggest challenges of business in Brazil and still have your own business and make a lot of money.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.