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We all take care of our teeth to our level to keep our teeth healthy and white. But to have sparkling teeth, we need better tactics than just brushing and flossing, says the best dentist in Nagpur.

We make a lot of effort to maintain our oral hygiene since oral health is related to our overall health. If our oral health is not supported, it will have adverse effects on our overall health.

Gum Disease has been directly related to heart health, diabetes, heart stroke, and many more acute diseases.

The best dentists recommend that oral hygiene is essential. Therefore only brushing and flossing or vising dentists regularly is not sufficient.

So here in this article, we bring up some points that will help you boost your oral hygiene and overall health.

So let’s check out these valuable excellent 9 points so that you can smile more bright:

  1. Take A While To Brush:

Are you one of those who are in the habit of drinking lemon water or orange juice in the morning? Then it would help if you remembered that you should wait for some time. Acidic foods tend to loosen the enamel of the teeth for some time. So if you happen to brush immediately after consuming acidic food items, your teeth may start to decay, and you may develop sensitivity too.

The best dentist in Nagpur states that it has been observed that people who delayed brushing for at least half an hour after consuming citrus fruits like lemon, oranges, tomatoes were less susceptible to tooth decay than those who brushed immediately.

  • Start Using Soft Bristles:

I am sure you are aware that you must need to change your toothbrushes every 2-3 months since they wear and tear out. The damaged bristles can wear your teeth out. Also, the best dentist recommends that if you happen to use medium, tight, or hard bristles, you may feel that your teeth appear cleaner after brushing. Still, in reality, the firm toothbrushes are abrasive, and they will surely damage your teeth early.

That is why replace them with soft bristles. Also, don’t be too harsh on your teeth by brushing vigorously. Tilt the brush in 45 degrees and brush softly in a circular motion for two minutes, twice a day.

  • Back Brushing Is Important:

Develop this habit of brushing at the back. It is essential to keep the back clean to avoid gum diseases and cavities. We know these spots are hard to reach, but to stay healthy oral health, is essential.

The best dentist in Nagpur says that he always starts brushing from the back end so that the entire mouth receives the required attention.

  • Mouthwash & Chewing Gum Is A Must In Your Routine:

No matter if you brush twice a day and do flossing too, adding a mouthwash to your daily routine is very essential. An antibacterial mouthwash will help you rinse and wash out all bacteria from your mouth that result in plaque buildup in the mouth. Mouthwash will effectively remove all bacteria from the mouth. The dentist in Nagpur suggests that you must swish your mouth for 30 secs every day with mouthwash after both meals.

The best Dentist in Nagpur also recommends chewing gum, the sugar-free ones to be precise. Chewing gum help remove bacteria from the mouth and adds calcium and phosphate to teeth to enhance the enamel of the teeth.

  • Video Yourself Brushing:

The best dentists recommend videoing yourself when you brush so that you know where you are going wrong. It has been observed that people who recorded themselves while brushing improved their brushing skills over time with an increased number of strokes, accuracy, and overall brushing skills too.

Plus, people tend to perform better when they know they are in front of the camera. So aahh, yes, this technique works wonders!

  • Brush Only Twice A Day:

If people have advised you to brush after every meal, then trust me, it’s a big no. The best dentist in Nagpur reveals that brushing often can lead to erosion of teeth, enamel, and wear and tear gums.

So it is advised that you brush your teeth twice a day which is enough, and then if you eat anything, rinse and swish your mouth thoroughly to remove any food particles that have been stuck in between teeth.

  • Stop Sipping Sugary Drinks:

You must limit your intake of sugary drinks. If you like to drink soda, wine, tea, or coffee with sugar and cream, drink it all in one go. Don’t tend to sip it for a longer time or all day long.

The best dentist explains that when you continuously put sugar in your mouth, the bacteria in the mouth tend to feast on it and result in lactic acid formation. This lactic acid gradually leads to cavities in the mouth.

  • Include Food That Promote Teeth-Whitening:

It’s proved that food items can maintain the whiteness of your teeth. They can give make your teeth look like pearls. Fibrous foods that are raw and coarse, like apples, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, etc., help scrub your teeth of plaque that make the appearance of the teeth yellow.

The best dentist in Nagpur says that these food items take more time to chew, resulting in the stimulation of saliva that neutralizes the acid that can lead to teeth erosion.

  • Remember To Wash The Toothbrush Holder:

You must have never given it a thought that how crucial it is to wash your toothbrush holder. It is one of the germiest things in your household. You are not just leaving the toothbrush holder dirty but also risking your oral health, which indirectly harms your overall health.

Therefore, the best dentist in Nagpur tells you to keep a check on the cleanliness of your toothbrush holder. Run it in your dishwasher, soak it in hot water and then wipe it properly to remove all the germs accumulated there.

So these are the nine best valuable habits that you must add to your oral hygiene routine to enhance your oral health. Start Today itself, because nothing can come in between when it’s up to your oral health.

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