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Top 5 Online Platforms for Selling Your Products in 2022

Top 5 Online Platforms for Selling Your Products in 2022

In the wake of easy accessibility of the internet, the absence of a physical shop is no longer a hindrance to retail success. Retailers with creative minds can make the most of the numerous online platforms to sell their products. Moreover, there are now more than a hundred online marketplaces where people can reach shoppers doing their online shopping, this practice is now widely being attracted all over the world. online shopping marketplaces have trillions of dollars in earning prospects simply waiting to be tapped. Here are some of the top 5 online platforms where you can easily sell your products to millions of customers.

Top 5 Online Platforms for Selling Your Products


The first online marketplace on our list of top 5 online platforms is Amazon. The US e-commerce giant is a trusted, go-to online platform that trades more than 400 products per minute. People feel a way of trust and comfort when purchasing from this website. Amazon is known to ascertain merchants and keep inauthentic items out of its marketplace. a proficient merchandising account on Amazon needs an application procedure along with a $39.99 monthly fee. Moreover, Amazon also charges fees for each item sold. In the case of merchants not planning on selling more than 40 items a month, then they can obtain a private seller account that directs no monthly fee.

Facebook Marketplace

Meta (formerly known as Facebook) launched Facebook Marketplace back in October 2016. Facebook Marketplace is another mention on the list of top 5 online platforms, as it was developed to bring people in communities together to buy and sell. With the launch of Facebook Marketplace is that the corporate is setting out to support e-commerce merchants. Facebook Marketplace has collaborated with trading platforms on internet, such as Shopify, to help build online retailer occupancy on Meta’s Marketplace. The online platform charges no listing fees, however, there are specific conditions and guidelines that users are required to observe as a merchant on Marketplace.

Google Shopping

Next on the list of top 5 online platforms is Google Shopping, it is a service from the tech giant, Google that hosts items from a wide assortment of online retailers in a searchable structure. For users, the online platform intends to make the procedure of discovering and buying things more comfortable, showing comparisons between vendors’ listings on exact items that let consumers choose the most suitable item at the best bargain. The simplest method for shoppers to use Google Shopping is to look for items directly on the platform’s site, They can further conduct a regular Google search for an item in the browser and tap or click on the shopping tab below the search bar to use the Google Shopping service.


eBay is currently with almost 25 million online retailers and a 170 million active client base. eBay is one of the biggest and most diverse all around the globe.  The online marketplace was created in 1995 and is well-known as an auction website, however, its “Buy it now” choice lets customers sell things promptly at fixed prices. There is absolutely nothing that people simply cannot sell on eBay, from texts and electronics to furniture, ornaments, and essential liquids. eBay is one of our top 5 online platforms, similar to Amazon, eBay’s enormous seller and buyer size suggest that there is always a risk of getting lost in the mass.


The last one on our list of top 5 online platforms is Shopify, this online platform helps users to build their own store to sell their stuff. To this date, Shopify has powered over 2 million regular users, distributed between those 1 million-plus companies. Shopify offers users to build their page using the drag and drop interface, through which they can create their own store within a few minutes without requiring any technical coding understanding. The fee of Shopify at $29 per month, which comprises users’ own website, blog, abandoned shopping cart retrieval, SSL certificates, social media deals channels, and multiple other tools.

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