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One of the few technologies and trends making a lot of buzz in the modern business world is Desktop as a Service. During the global lockdown in 2020 due to the Coronavirus, a number of different business organizations and workforces turned towards some of the top virtual desktop providers for continuing their working from remote locations.

Here we take a look at the top 3 DaaS providers to watch out for in the upcoming year 2021.

Desktop as a Service: An Overview

Those familiar with virtual desktop infrastructure might know what DaaS actually is. Desktop as a Service or DaaS is a type of VDI or virtual desktop infrastructure that is managed and outsourced by a third-party supplier from a centralized infrastructure. Modern DaaS providers offer DaaS as a cloud-based service to their customers. One of the keys to success for DaaS providers is that the solution is also available in the form of a mobile application as well.

DaaS is one of the most amazing solutions for modern-day business complexities as it offers great flexibility, ease of management, and helps all kinds of organizations in reducing their overall expenses.

Top 5 Benefits of DaaS in 2021

Though the list of the benefits of DaaS in 2021 is quite extensive, here are the major ones you should definitely know about:

✓ Boosts productivity for all kinds and sizes of business organizations

✓ Very low operating cost as compared to traditional methods

✓ Highly-protected and secure from cyberthreats

✓ Reduces maintenance and up-gradation cost

✓ Future-proof from all kinds of disasters

Top 3 DaaS Providers in 2021

Here is the list of the top 3 DaaS providers you can choose from in 2021.

1. vDesk.works: Reliable, Secure, and Budget-friendly

The global virtual desktop provider, vDesk.works offers a reliable and easy to use DaaS solution for all kinds and types of business organizations around the world. It’s easy to integrate, packed with some of the most amazing features that not only help you in working easily from remote locations but also boost productivity as well. This globally popular DaaS provider has offered remote working solutions in various different industries, such as education, software, construction, business processing, and so forth. vDesk. works is a cloud-based virtual desktop provider that offers a ton of different features, such as:

  • Advanced security from all kinds of cyberattacks and malware threats
  • Simple and quick to deploy
  • Accessible from any kind of device at any time of the day
  • Remote assistance and support offered
  • Disaster protected
  • Centralized device and data management
  • Supports legacy apps and policy enforcement

2. DinCloud

Another amazing option for a profitable DaaS provider, DinCloud has made quite a buzz in 2020, thanks to its ease of use and remarkable features. It’s customizable, cost-saving, and offers a number of amazing tools for remote working for all kinds of businesses.

  • Scalable and powerful
  • Customizable and adaptable
  • Good customer support

3. Amazon WorkSpaces

One of the biggest names in the eCommerce and IT world, Amazon offers a premium and powerful remote working solution for businesses all around the world. Launched back in 2014, the platform allows teams to collaborate and work in a secure and productive manner.

  • Monthly and hourly pricing available
  • Windows 10 powered desktops with all-important apps
  • Quick and easy to setup
  • Available on all different types of mobile devices


So this was the list of the top 3 DaaS providers to watch out for in 2021, as well as all you needed to know about Desktop as a Service for your business.

Remote work culture is here to stay for a very long time and to keep yourself and your business updated with the trend, you definitely need the power of a reliable virtual desktop provider for your business organization. Contact 650-461-9170 | 469-908-0801 now to know more about the possibilities of DaaS for your business.

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