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Titan handheld Flex sprayer is a set example of perfection and excellence. These electric disinfectant sprayers not only make your job more efficient, but also save you a lot of time. Disinfection was never a one-man job, before the introduction of the Titan electric handheld sprayers. 

A well-maintained flex sprayer accompanies you for years, and that is where the importance of making the most of your handheld sprayer arises. You cannot make the most of your sprayer, if it’s not well-kept, subtracting the years of its performance and therefore, waning the longevity of the product. 

How to Use the Titan Flex Sprayer?

Safety guidelines is the most important thing, and definitely the one you need to look into at first. Giving a thorough read to the safety and usage instructions is the right way to get the most from your sprayer. It’s not only the safest way to use the product, but it also ensures the proper functioning and performance of your Titan sprayer. 

The second most crucial thing is to check your target product. Disinfecting plants, and disinfecting public places is not the same thing, and thus, the job requires proper knowledge of what you’re working on and with.

When looking for different products to use as disinfectants in your handheld sprayers, make sure they are safe to use and comply with your respective local state regulations. Furthermore, read the details given on the products to make sure, if they are the right choice for the intended purpose. 

Product labels and safety measures should never be overlooked, especially when disinfecting living things like plants to not harm them in the process!

How to Clean a Titan Flex Sprayer?

A well-maintained flex sprayer will definitely make out the most when compared to a poorly-maintained one. And that brings us closer to the importance of cleaning your Titan Handheld Flex sprayers in the proper way, in order to increase their longevity and performance.

The fact that your flex sprayer collects dirt and debris, even when its just lying in your garage is something you cannot overlook. Cleaning it with water or a damp cloth is a must, once or twice a month to ensure its safety even when not in use. 

The dirt and debris that has collected over time on the handheld sprayer comes off pretty easily, and you can even clean it with a damp cloth. But the cleaning process is not the same if you have used your sprayer for disinfection purpose. 

Is there a need of disinfecting my sprayer? Yes, there is, you must disinfect your handheld flex sprayer with isopropyl alcohol, if not available you can also go for a mix of water and vinegar. After the disinfection procedure, rinse your sprayer with clean water, wait until the water dries, and store it in a dry place for the coming disinfection-season. 

Do Not Miss Out the Nozzle of your Sprayer!

Cleaning the nozzle of your Titan handheld flex sprayer is as important as cleaning the whole sprayer body. If the nozzle of your wears out, the rest of the body is useless until you buy a new nozzle. 

Use a soft bristle brush or your hand to wipe out the dust and debris that has collected over your nozzle with time twice or thrice a month to keep it in check. Clearing the debris from your nozzle is pretty easy, you just have to push down the push-on tab and pull back gently until all the debris comes off.

If the nozzle seems dirty, your  can use a damp cloth to wipe off the dirt accumulated until its clean and dust-free. Once the nozzle is all clean, store it in a clean and dry place until it’s needed again. Store the nozzle in a moisture-free place away from direct sunlight to eliminate the risk of damage.

Cleaning the nozzle and storing it safely adds to the performance of your handheld disinfecting flex sprayer and also ensures the longevity and durability of the product. 

What Cause the Sprayer to Give-out and Drain?

Wearing off of nozzles or other body parts of your handheld flex sprayer leads to leakage. And it has a lot to do with how often your clean your sprayer and how to store it.

Storing in a damp area with moisture leads to the rusting and ultimately waring off of the products. The same goes with not cleaning your products properly. The residual disinfecting products that remain in the sprayer damages it in different ways, taking away the perfection it otherwise had when used.

Maintaining the most to make out the most!

Maintenance is the key to 100% performance of sprayers, be it an electric paint sprayer or an electric disinfectant sprayer. A good maintenance routine should always accompany a good cleaning routine to keep your sprayer safe and sound.

Keep the body of your sprayer in check for leaks, breakages, and ruptures. Analyzing your sprayer beforehand, every time you use it saves you from the trouble of product wastage, leakages, and a huge mess that you’d have to clean up afterwards.

Keeping your sprayer parts away from the direct sunlight is yet another way of adding in the long-life of your product. Heat damages the sprayer parts in irreversible ways and therefore, must be kept in cool and dry areas to ensure their safety.

Storing the sprayer

Disinfection sprayers are not used all year around, and have to be stored for a couple of months before they are needed again. 

The storage protocols depend greatly on how long you are going to store your machine. If the length of time is great, you must make proper adjustments before sting your sprayer. These adjustments include lubricating the required parts before storing them.

Another crucial factor for proper storage of your machine is the climate zone of your region. If temperature goes down to significant levels below zero, you must make sure that your machine is completely dry after cleaned to save it from breakages.

You can make out the most of your flex sprayer machine if its well-maintained, make sure to maintain it well!

By Anurag Rathod

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