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Accessories can make any outfit so much better. They are especially useful if you don’t have time nor energy to plan an outfit, and you just want to wear something simple and comfy. That’s where accessories come to the rescue. After all, we’ve been seen examples of elegant and beautiful women throughout history that accessories can be a powerful addition to one’s outfit. So if you’re looking to boot your style, but you don’t want to overspend on new clothes, then these tips will help you make a fashion with accessories.

1. Make accessories stand out

Monochromatic, or neutral-colored outfits are often the best fashion choice, as they’re easy to match with other colors, and they always look good. But, if you want to spruce things up a bit, then choosing a bold and often contrasting accessory can be an excellent idea. For example, an all-black outfit with a red handbag is now considered a classic fashion outfit, so if you don’t want to experiment a lot, then go for this combination with colors, but feel free to experiment with your fave colors as well.

2. Layer your jewelry

In case you’re looking to add a dimension to your outfit, then don’t be afraid to layer some jewelry pieces. But, in this case, it’s better to opt for subtle and dainty necklaces, and other jewelry pieces. Layering flashy items can have the opposite effect, which is why it’s always best to layer minimalistic jewelry for maximum results. If you want to add something more dramatic, then feel free to choose thicker chains, pearls or chokers, rather than massive statement necklaces or bracelets.

3. Choose interesting footwear

Some fashion rules of the past are still intact and in use, but in recent years, we’ve seen numerous changes when it comes to outfits, accessories, and shoewear. That’s why we’ve seen bike shorts and heels combo, and so many others. Therefore, if you’re going to a casual event, and you still need to wear something comfortable, then feel free to opt for fluffy sheepskin slippers from NZ, as it’s very likely that you’ll look stylish without hurting your feet. Plus, you’ll also feel relaxed, because your comfort will be intact, yet you’ll still look fun, stylish, and a bit quirky!

4. Invest in a cute and quality headpiece

Do you often feel like your outfit is missing something? If the answer is yes, then chances are, you need to invest in a cute and quality-made headpiece, such as a satin scarf headband, for example. A headband like this one isn’t only stylish, it’s also very practical, mainly if you’re running late, or having a bad hair day. Therefore, you can get multiple ones in different colors and patterns, and combine them with each and every outfit. This is also a great way to experiment with your style and find out what you truly enjoy wearing.

5. Don’t forget about eyewear

Sometimes, a well-chosen pair of sunglasses or even regular glasses can add more to your outfit than a piece of jewelry, for example. A unique, retro sunglasses frame is the ultimate fashion statement, that will boost your outfit and make you look more high fashion, which is always the goal. If you feel like it, you can also color-coordinate your sunglasses frame with your shoes, as that can really boost the appeal of your outfit.

6. Pick the right handbag

If there’s one mighty fashion accessory, then it’s a handbag. If you ever want to instantly look better, then you can never go wrong with the right choice of handbag. A brightly-colored purse is always a good idea, mainly if you’re looking to create a true statement outfit. Those who appreciate the elegance of the past, then pick a vintage handbag, and you’ll look like you’ve stepped out from an old Vogue issue!


These tips will help you make an amazing fashion statement wherever you show up. Also, remember that a lot of fashion rules are meant to be broken, so if you have a particular idea about a certain outfit or an accessory, then feel free to show it off. After all, you’ll look good either way, as long as you pick well-made clothes, and quality and stylish accessories. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.