Frozen Egg

Sometimes, people tend to avoid storing their eggs in the right shells and in the fridge. And even if it’s not always intentional, the egg carton sometimes ends up in the freezer. Is it still safe to eat them?

Recognizing if it is safe or not

Some people tend to think that frozen egg is not safe to eat.The truth is that it depends on many thinks. In fact, if you have stored some fresh egg in the freezer, the freezing process may have cracked its shell.

In this case, the egg is no more edible and can even be dangerous for your health due to the salmonella that may have grown in it all along thefreezing  process. So, even if the eggs that you’ve frozen are fresh, if they have fragile shells that cannot bear the cold, it’s no need storing them.

But if your eggs ‘shell have survived with the freezing process and presents any cracks when it is completely frozen, you can store them in the freezer until you decide to eat them. Without cracks, the eggs are safe.

Safe frozen egg: delicious or not?

As far as the taste of the frozen egg is concerned, it can be said that it may change. It is like all the liquid foods that you freeze. When it gets solidified, it tends to be filled with water and when you defrost it, the remaining product may change its original consistence.

When the egg is frozen, it turns first into solid and after into gel-like. When you unfreeze it, the consistence doesn’t go back. If the white regains merely its original texture, the yolk becomes firmer. As a result, it may be more difficult to prepare them correctly.

If you want to get a perfect yolk mixture for your batter or for your scrambles egg, you may be misled. Maybe the taste will remain but the freshness won’t stay.

How to prepare it?

In order to get delicious meals with frozen eggs, you can try various recipes. Of course, you don’t need to venture within scramble eggs but you can probably use them for another recipe that does not need its textures but rather its taste.

You can for example get perfect hard boiled eggs or a perfect omelet by using frozen egg. Its consistence won’t influence its taste not even its forms.

Freezing egg or not: what to do?

Freezing the eggs may be a good alternative to store it for a long time. But if you are not sure that the shells of the eggs that you’ve just bought are not strong enough to bear the freezing process, don’t freeze it.

This awareness can prevent you from wasting some eggs and exposing your family to the potential danger of eating unsafe egg. Remember that eating unsafe egg may cause various mortal diseases. And the fact of throwing foods may make you feel guilty, especially during this period of the rising cost of food.

If you are looking for some safe place to store your eggs, put them in the fridge. Keep them in their box or dispatch them in their dedicated area in your fridge’s door. Fresh eggs can be stored there for weeks.

And if you are not familiar to fresh eggs, feel free to change your habits about them. Remember that apart from the frozen egg, there are many other types and forms of eggs. For example, we can take the  powdered egg or the liquid egg. These are all safe alternatives to frozen eggs that you can use daily for the preparation of your favorite meal.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.