eggs prevent diabetes

Diabetes is a state of health that tends to concern younger and much people nowadays. Along with the modern food, the eating habits play a great role in that consequent increase. The key to cope with it and especially to prevent it remains the management of the diet and the adoption of some healthy food such as the egg. 

Egg: an incredibly nutritional food

Egg is a super food. It all its forms, egg powder or liquid, it remains a dense food that is rich in various useful nutrients. To go deeper, notice that a large egg is a considerable source of protein, carbohydrate, fat and calories at the same time. 

Its yolk concentrates high amount of vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin B12 and antioxidants, along with the choline which is an important nutrient needed for the body process. It gathers also fats, copper, minerals and even zinc. 

Consuming egg every day can help you easily meet your daily protein needs. And as it is a low carb food, egg is recommended for the diabetes. Also, many studies have shown that egg can be a nutritious food and a sane source of protein for the diabetes. 

Frequency of egg consumption

If you don’t want to catch diabetes, you can eat one large egg every day. Its main role is not only to bring in the best nutrients to your body. In fact, the egg is also a perfect ally to help you manage your weight, boost your immunity and strengthen your heart. 

Remember that the gain of weight is one of the main causes of diabetes. With a strong immunity and a healthy heart, you can easily discard all risks of contracting diabetes as you are within a sane way of life. 

Otherwise, for the people who are already living with the diabetes, notice that toy can consume a large day every day too. The low glycemic index score and the healthy proteins that eggs contain make them a low-carbohydrate food. 

How to eat eggs to prevent diabetes? 

Generally, there is no precise rule that has to be followed while eating eggs to prevent the risk of contracting diabetes. The large egg that you will eat every day can be cooked the way you like it, according to time you want to eat it. 

You can introduce the egg in any of your favorite recipe, in your salads, in your baking plates, etc. If you don’t want to get bored of it and to make sure to eat it every day, change its form, its taste or its use in your recipe. 

How can egg reduce the risk of contracting diabetes? 

According to various studies led by numerous scientists from all over the world, the fact of eating one egg a day can considerably reduce the risk of being diabetic. The surveys have been led on more than 10,000 participants. 

Their blood glucose has been the focus of the study. Those who have taken the daily consumption of egg as habit tends to be less exposed to the diabetes. At the contrary, the participants who eat less egg are diabetes-free. 

If the participant adds physical exercises to its daily egg consumption, he/she can easily lower the risk of being diabetic. The fact is that as the egg contains choline, an oxidative and anti-inflammatory nutrient; it can boost the carbohydrate absorption and bring energy to the person. 

That makes the big difference between the proteins gathered within the eggs and those present within the meat and the other sources of protein that only increase the cholesterol level, one of the main cause that leads to diabetes. 

By Anurag Rathod

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