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With a major share of our time spent in offices, having a comfortable and clean environment for our well-being is necessary for the office too, just like home. The productivity of employees in an office is very much dependent on the environment in which they are placed. A neat, clean and organized office setup and environment can make sure that employees feel mentally and physically comfortable and relaxed and provide their best work forward.

Below mentioned are some tips that can help you better maintain your offices.

1. Cleaning checklist

Since an office consists of numerous people and areas, having a detailed checklist in place can ensure that there is a smooth workflow in terms of the cleaning work.

The various spaces that need to be cleaned (eg: workstations, pantry, common areas, etc), the cleaning days, the cleaning times, special instructions that need to be adhered to, etc can be included in the checklist so that the cleaning work is done on time and without much disturbance made to the employees.

2. Being organized

A clutter-free office instantly creates a good impression among the visitors and also the users. Keeping the workstation and work desk well arranged by organizing office files and items in a rack or shelf can be a good start. Stacking things up in piles, cluttering the workspace can give a displeasing impression to your clients and colleagues.

3. Carpet cleaning

Most of the offices these days are carpeted. With people walking in and out with shoes and other footwear, wiping off the carpet, carpets can easily gather dirt and dust. So it’s necessary to keep the carpets cleaned regularly. Using vacuums, water extraction carpet cleaning solutions, etc can be employed to make sure that the carpets are thoroughly cleaned. Cleaning schedules are to be made in such a way that employee and customer movement is not hindered.

4. Green-clean policy

With green and natural products on the rise, it’s easier to find good and effective cleaning products that aren’t just environment friendly but also greatly beneficial for the health and well-being of office users. Most of the leading corporations and companies take great care in ensuring the best, safe and healthy office environment is provided to its employees and clients.

5. Desk cleaning

Making it essential and mandatory for employees to keep their desks tidy can be

beneficial in keeping the overall look of the office clean. Employees can be instructed to keep their desks free of papers, folders, personal items, etc. Having desks clutter-free can gather less dust and make them easier for cleaning. It’s important to have a clear desk policy incorporated into the official rules.

6. Keeping computers and keyboards cleaning

Computers, keyboards, and mouses are among the most used items in an office. They are items that have the possibility of attracting the most dust and germs. Especially these days, keeping surfaces that are often used by people disinfected, sanitized, and thoroughly cleaned is highly essential. A compulsory cleaning schedule to take care of such areas is very important. Adding to this, employees could also be provided with soft clothes and handy disinfectant solutions for regular usage.

7. Using the latest cleaning pieces of equipment

Using the latest cleaning pieces of equipment which is available in the market can not also speed up the work but also better clean the office spaces. Investing in good quality cleaning pieces of equipment and solutions can give great results in the short and long run. Making sure the office environment is hygienic and clean, will make your employees feel safe, relaxed and also give a boost to their overall well-being and productivity.

8. Bathroom sanitation

Office toilets are one of the places in an office that is used at its maximum. Thus, ensuring toilets are cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals is very essential and compulsory. If the bathrooms are not regularly and periodically cleaned they can be a host for all kinds of germs, bacteria, viruses and cause infectious diseases. Bathrooms are to be cleaned and sanitized at regular intervals throughout the day and a proper cleaning schedule for bathrooms is to be kept.

9. Designated eating areas

Eating at desks and having leftover foods and beverages at work tables is one of the main reasons for bad odor and spillage onto electronic pieces of equipment. By providing a designated eating area, making it mandatory to eat only in those areas can make sure the offices are clean and spill-free.

10. Dedicated Cleaning Time

Making your employees spend 10 – 15 mins on any convenient day tidying up and organizing their space can be a great idea. This can be made a group activity and it can bring a sense of accountability to everyone for the state of the workspace or desk.

If you still need some assistance for cleaning your office places effectively, you can find some of the world’s best office cleaning services in London or wherever you are. Since London is considered to be the place with the most commercial cleaning services, the commercial cleaning services in London can be consulted for the best and innovative practices in office cleaning services. It purely depends on your location preferences.

By Anurag Rathod

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