Top 5 Tips For Finding a Good Lawyer

Are you in a situation where you can use the aid of a good lawyer? You may need to file a personal injury claim. You may be facing a situation where you need an attorney to keep you out of jail. Whatever the reason may be, the time to choose a lawyer to represent your case is now. Here are the top 5 tips for finding a good lawyer.

Get References from Your Family Members

You probably already have a family member or friend who can give you the name and number of a reputable New York personal injury lawyer. If this is the case, you can simply call them and put them to work on your behalf. There is already a personal connection that has been established. It may be as beneficial to you as it was to your family member.

Check With Your Local Bar Association

Another good source of top-notch lawyer referrals will be the website of your state bar association. This is the place where you can get all of the latest and most relevant info concerning all of the lawyers that practice in your state. You can use the listings to narrow the search down to the type of lawyer that you will require.

Your local bar association website will also tell you if the lawyer you are interested in has any particular awards or certifications. These could be special honors that qualify them in the area of law that you need an expert in. It can also tell you if they have any legal or ethical issues that are currently landing them in hot water.

Other Lawyers You May Have Worked With

You may well have needed a lawyer for any number of reasons in the past. If the lawyer you worked with doesn’t practice in the area your current case is in, you can still ask them for a referral. They may well have a colleague who they can vouch for as an expert in a certain area. It never hurts to ask a pro for a reference in this area.

Scour the Web for Lawyer Reviews Sites

Another good source of info will be any number of lawyer reviews sites that can be found all over the web. In the past few years, an increase in litigation all across the United States has seen these sites proliferate like mushrooms. You can take advantage of this growth to find a lawyer who is right for your needs. You will certainly have no lack of selection.

Most lawyer review sites give all of the pertinent contact info along with some unsolicited opinions that come straight from former clients. Of course, you’ll need to take most of these reviews with a grain of salt. But if you read between the lines, you can form an impression of the lawyer and whether they are equipped to help you.

Contact Your Local Legal Aid Office

Another resource that you can make use of will be your local legal aid office. This is all the more true if you really can’t afford the expense of hiring a full-time trial lawyer. If this proves to be the case, a legal aid office in your area can help you get a pro bono lawyer. Most will only do so if the matter is not of a criminal nature.

If you still have a phone book, check the white pages section to find your local legal aid office. You can just as easily put in a quick search on Google to find what you need. Doing so maybe the first step to not only finding a good lawyer but also saving yourself a lot of time and trouble.

Don’t Wait to Hire Your Lawyer

The last thing in the world you should do is wait too long to hire a lawyer. If you are filing a personal injury claim, you need to keep a few things in mind. There is a statute of limitations in place for your claim. You will need expert legal help to file your claim and defeat the opposing team. The time to hire your lawyer is now.

By Anurag Rathod

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