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Ecommerce optimization is a very important process when your business is getting steady progress and revenue through online sales. Several Ecommerce organizations conduct research analysis of market trends, new inventions, and customer choice to improve their sales conversion. If you are running an eCommerce store, you need to work aggressively and work on several methods and improvements to increase your sales revenue. There are several ways to optimize and improve your sales.

Ecommerce stores that have both mobile and web applications can follow the following terminologies to improve their sales funnel. 

More traffic more conversion probability

How often are you visible in the digital world? Is your domain authority and page authority enough? Are you generating more backlinks and creating new landing pages on your eCommerce store? A website with healthy ranking and visibility gets more chances to be visited in the initial stage. Search engines rank websites based on several factors like quality and unique content, product images, number of backlinks, keywords, loading speed, and many other factors. A professional digital marketing team can work on these factors and improve your site visibility and ranking. You should hire a dedicated SEO professional to work on the following factors for your eCommerce Stores:

  • On page: Improve internal pages, product pages, and landing pages.
  • On page: Improve site speed, remove bugs, and tagging system.
  • Content marketing: Write fresh content and submit on third party sites to generate a backlink for your product pages.
  • Social media marketing is also very important to promote your brands and products. You can get positive leads and convert them into sales.
  • Paid promotion and advertisements can also increase your sales. 

Display high-quality products photos and videos

An eCommerce store with high-quality product photos and videos gets more visits and sales. A product can have several photos with different angles that may represent the product perfectly. Also, you can add 360-degree photos so that the customer can virtually know how the product looks. Many eCommerce sites also upload product description videos that help the customer in product selection. A video with product details, features, built-in quality and pricing explained by the executive is recommended to increase the sales revenue. You may need resources and a photo/video editor to do this work but this way you can uniquely demonstrate products from your competitors.

Good product description with technical details

Customer is quality concerned and they check what material is used to manufacture a product? What are the features of the product? A product with a well-explained description is required to improve its sales. You can hire an expert to write about product quality and explain its features to customers. The following things you should keep in mind in writing a good description of the product:

  • Write an easily readable introductory paragraph
  • Add a keyword in the description so that it will rank on Google.
  • Add an SEO title and make it short and sweet.
  • Write Features of Products in Bullet Points.
  • Mention Manufacturing details if it is an electronic item.
  • Don’t forget to mention the warranty of the products.
  • Add key features with product images.

To know more: Here are some tips from Neil Patel(English entrepreneur) to write a good product description that sells.

Live chat support or provide customer care number

According to Piyush Jain, founder of Simpalm, an app development company in Virginia, having live chat support on your e-commerce website or app will boost your conversion rate. The customer is confused about product selection and he adds products to the cart but did not check out. What you should do is add live chat support or provide a customer care number of the product page. It helps the customer to directly talk to product specialists and clear doubts to make a purchase. Customer trust on portals where they frankly communicate with executives and place orders. Several service-based eCommerce stores use this approach and ensure customers that they are choosing the right product. You must incorporate this feature if you are selling membership plans, software products, web hosting services, domain services and many more.

Get more products and incorporate with new brands

The eCommerce store should have multiple brands and products listed for sale. It is the simple fundamental, more brands and products will increase more sales. Several segments will give you sales orders and you will get more than average sales. Also, you can check which products are in trend and which brand is giving you more response. You just need to check analytics and the number of visits, time spent per product page to improve its sales.

Offer low-cost shipping or free shipping

Having proper shipping strategies and solutions will increase your ecommerce conversion. Decide which product is giving you more profit and you can avail of free shipping to the customer. Free Shipping is one of the factors that customers check when he pays for the product or COD. Also, you should work to find the best shipping service provider in your area so you can cut down the shipping cost and attract customers. Ecommerce sites like Amazon display both free and paid shipping cost when the customer selects the product and adds it in the cart.

Sale section – conduct emergency Sale

The eCommerce store should promote a sale section with a timer. What discount are you offering for limited time matters to customers? It is a way of creating emergency techniques in the customer’s mind. When he needs the product and checks if it is available with more discounts in the sale, he will try to purchase it. Sale section should display discounts and offers you are offering. Also, you should inform the customer in advance that the sale is coming soon.

Follow up on product left in the cart

Customers select the product but did not checkout? Don’t worry, this happens mostly when the customer has a 50-50 mindset. Make sure your backend is robust and has an automated email and reminder message system to inform customers. This is a quick but effective thing to increase sales.

Use SEO tips & tools

Are you using different E-Commerce SEO tips and tools to manage your site? Are you analyzing sales, customer interest, site visits, and traffic? The use of the following tools will help you to increase the number of conversions and allow you to optimize your site efficiently.

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Moz Keyword Explorer
  • Hotjar
  • SEO Review Tools
  • SEMrush
  • Adobe Marketing Cloud.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.