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The existence of eCommerce sites depends much on their ability to convert visitors into potential customers. Conversion content strategies are not just limited to driving visitors to the site and putting up viral contents. You need a lot more to cover. Conversion content strategies focus on converting that site traffic into potential customers, thereby optimizing the site to its full potential.

However, there is a catch in turning those site traffic into definite purchases. You need to acquire the trust of your site traffic on several aspects alongside putting up conversion content for eCommerce optimization. These aspects include selecting the right products, competitive prices, proper terms and most importantly, sufficient availability. Conversion content writing is your go-to weapon for closing a deal and compelling the potential customer to make the final purchase.

Prior to discussing Content for eCommerce Business, let us have a look at a few of the content types that do not fall into the category of conversion contents, but have a significant impact on boosting conversions.

Contents Describing Product Features & Benefits

Although most sites are good at building pages for product features and benefits, this is an area you need to consider. Building a features and benefits page involves writing one or two paras on the product details page (PDP), describing the original product & components along with the benefits of buying the product. It needs to be written in such a way that the potential customers are able to understand what they are buying and how they can enjoy the benefits. Albeit, features and benefits pages have substantial role in conversions, but their objective is to provide information on the products rather than selling them.

Romantic Content

Sounds weird right? Perhaps, this is one of the most crucial eCommerce conversion content strategies you need to focus on. Romantic content forms are oftentimes described as contents with that kind of flowery language used for connecting with the potential buyers in a better way than selling them in a boring way. This strategy shows your customers how life would become if they are wise enough to buy your product.

Buyer’s Guide Contents

Buyer’s guides are one of the most effective long form content types for optimizing your eCommerce site. This is your chance to iterate the customers on making intelligent and bold purchase decisions. These contents target your customers’ decision-making abilities and bring them into the right mindset for making a confident purchase. Buyer’s guides help in preventing your customers from being skeptical and convince them of their abilities in making that intelligent buying decision.

Sales Strategies & eCommerce Conversion Content

Prior to getting started on conversion content, let us first know about different offline sales aspects outside the eCommerce industry. Back in time, when there were no eCommerce sites, conventional sales guys for a long time would spend hours convincing the customers into making a purchase decision. Nonetheless, convincing them into spending their hard-earned bucks on your products was pretty much of a cumbersome task.

Successful sales campaign involves way more than just convincing your customers. You need to figure out your customer’s requirements and then align your products or services accordingly to make them purchase. An efficient salesman would always strive hard to make the customer understand every bit of value they will receive when they buy your product. This is similar to that of the feature & benefits section for an eCommerce site.

A smart salesman does more than just presenting products to the customers and anticipating that they will shed money on buying them. Productive sales strategies guide you in understanding the customer requirements and buying decisions splendidly so that you can lead them into conversions. This is a point where both eCommerce and conventional selling business differentiate. Successful sellers will strive hard in figuring out aspects such as customer objections, doubts etc., and take measures to address them. Unlike eCommerce business, figuring out any kind of customer objections is the main Mantra to sealing deals in traditional business.

eCommerce Conversion Content

eCommerce conversion content writing is a compelling writing technique that deals with any kind of possible customer objections, skepticism thereby addressing all those concerns on the product description page.

The approach of eZdia towards eCommerce Content Strategy is totally unique. Leveraging on hundreds of reviews available online from customers, this strategy deals with both positive perception as well as negative perceptions of the customers, which can make the decision-making process simpler for you. It eliminates the need to check out individual reviews of customers and creates a summary of the reviews. Moreover, due to the fact that no specific customer is referred, the reviews can be easily used regardless of where we find them.

The positive side of this strategy is that the reviews look more journalistic and appear as honest summaries. All negative concerns look like that of a pre-sale concern of the product. Post this, the positive reviews are used to address all the negative perceptions of a customer. The entire process significantly makes review checking a whole lot easier and simultaneously takes advantage of the most credible reviews.

To be honest, even the slightest conversion improvements can leave a substantial impact on your overall business.

Conversion Content Strategy Proof

You can easily try and figure out this strategy yourself. Select any numbers of products you wish and start checking out their reviews on both your sites and other sites as well. Now, start summarizing, categorizing and analyzing each of those reviews. Thereafter, try figuring out the negative perceptions by carefully checking out the negative reviews from the list.

Here’s the catch now. Start by reporting facts on customer concerns and try addressing them. Quantify the number of people that posted negative reviews and then start countering them with details from the positive reviews. Bring some benefits of the site into the picture such as Return policies and then figure out stating a final verdict that indicates towards buying the product. If you find the product you chose doesn’t have sufficient data to convince the customer into buying following the conclusion, then make sure to select any other products.

Now comes the time to drive traffic into your product page. Try going for paid product listing, however, pick a number of products that you can analyze comparatively and start following up with the change in the conversion rates for them. Usually a change of one or two customers for different products may not be of that importance but when it’s about a product line, these extra conversions value a lot. Funding paid search is a better option for accelerating the test phase. Any enhancements in the conversions rates here will show up on all your sales channels.

Final Verdict

Effective eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization will target the company’s efforts in attracting, engaging and converting the site visitors into potential buyers. It is imperative to analyze the different forms of conversion contents and the way it can bring difference to several aspects of the eCommerce sites.

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