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Every day is a new challenge for a working woman. They are pulled in multiple directions which include work, outdoor matters, and home. Each of which requires their best of the best. They have to take on several diverse roles daily, for example, a caring and responsible mother, wife, and an equally responsible and determined employee or leader. The biggest challenge they face is to balance work and home together and prioritize them equally.

To achieve this, they have to be more proactive and productive which can only be possible if they manage their time efficiently. Here are some tips regarding time management that will help every working mom for sure:

Be an early riser:

The first and foremost thing you can do to save your time and energy is to begin your day as early as possible. Make a routine, set your alarm, and wake up early. You’ll have plenty of time to manage all of your work for the whole day. You’ll also have much energy to process yourself throughout the day.

Begin by taking a morning walk or practicing meditation. This will also help you keep yourself healthy since science proves that waking up early in the morning has a positive effect on our bodies.

Make a to-do list for the whole week:

If you are the kind of person who forgets anything easily, making a to-do list will help you remember and achieve your tasks efficiently. List down every single thing in your notebook which you think is necessary and needs to be accomplished and get on with your work.

Leave some work for the weekend:

Make a memorandum of chores for the weekend. Jot down everything in your notebook that you believe can be accomplished easily on the weekend since you’ve plenty of time on the weekends to complete your tasks. You can either note it down on your cell phones or laptops, or you can set reminders. For example, you can leave chores like a deep cleaning of the house, laundry, gardening, wardrobe organizing, and much more.

Shop online:

Various e-commerce businesses are providing quality products at your doorsteps just with a click. Now you don’t have to worry about leaving your home and compromising other important things to purchase necessary stuff for the home. Be it the groceries, clothes, or anything, you can get hold of all these things by relaxing at your home. Buy kids dresses online, purchase basics through online shops, buy groceries from online mart, and much more using your mobile or laptop devices. This will help you save time and energy.

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Do not procrastinate:

If you can do a thing now then do not leave it for tomorrow since you never know what the future holds for us. You might not get sufficient time the other day for some reason and you’ll end up regretting it. When you leave a task for the last minute it becomes more difficult and stressful to complete it. The process becomes much more complicated. So it is better to align your work accordingly and complete it before the eleventh hour.

Try shortcuts:

Try commuting on two-wheelers if you are stuck in traffic, this will help you to reach home early. Get a maid to help you out with your daily chores. Use ready-to-cook food items if you are running out of time and have to prepare a meal. Or simply order the food from your favorite restaurant.

Manage time efficiently and smartly. The nation has advanced. Today’s world provides us a variety of hacks and tips through the latest technologies and schemes which helps us to accomplish our responsibilities more easily.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.