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A playpen is a structure used to contain a child during play. They come in many forms, with the most common being an enclosed area with mesh panels on top and sides. Giving the child limited air movement, but unlimited visual access. The use of playpens has been touched upon in various topic areas across academic disciplines; they are primarily used as a way to prevent falls, accidental overdose via toxic substances, or objects present in the environment. And as a way to limit children’s opportunities for freedom of locomotion. The California Beach Co offers a wide range of playpen and product solutions to meet all your child care needs. Apply the California Beach Co coupon code now.

What are playpens?

Playpens are a great example of how change can be good. Playpens aimed at preventing children from playing outside are essentially a way to prevent accidental harm and overplay in one stroke. As we have moved our focus away from the ‘outside’ towards the more free-form definition. We have turned our attention to playpens as a way to limit possibilities for kids.

Why use playpens?

Limiting a child’s access to certain items, or areas, of the home is one way to ensure your child’s safety. This can be either at home or while on vacation. Playpens are also useful where you do not want to completely ‘shut the door’ on your child. This lets the child move freely and perform activities such as drawing, playing games, or even drinking milk. Whilst you attend to other things that require less supervision. Here are some benefits of using a playpen:

  1. Keeps the child safe from harm – Poisonous household products, sharp objects, and other potential dangers of the home can be kept out of reach. This may also be done by zoning specific areas of the home for different activities.
  2. Lets the child plays independently – Without being disturbed by siblings, parents, or pets, a child can play and be entertained independently in the playpen. It can also be used as a safe place to nap or relax.
  3. Creates structure – Some children thrive on structure, and a playpen can provide this environment in the comfort of their own home. This is ideal for children with a more active need for structure, from the very youngest to toddlers, who can benefit from concrete boundaries.
  4. Playpens are versatile – Playpens can be used across the lifespan of a child. This is especially true for older and more active children, who will find the confined space allows them to run, jump, climb and perform all sorts of physical activities to their heart’s content.
  5. Provides a safe place to nap or relax – Using a playpen as a safe resting place is great for children of all ages. From the very youngest. Who is in the process of learning how to sleep on their own, to children old enough to rest safely on their own?

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Things to consider before buying playpens

Playpens are generally an easily purchased item. Depending on the vendor, it may be as simple as walking into a store and choosing the one you like most. However, there are some aspects of playpens that you should consider before making your selection:

  1. Safety – Make sure the playpen you choose is age-appropriate. This means it is high enough for an older child to climb out of, and that it has no gaps or other ways for a child to get trapped or injured.
  2. Material – Some playpens have mesh sides, others have plastic. Plastic may hold up better if your child likes to climb on the playpen. But mesh may offer easier visibility for you to check in on your child.
  3. Style – Some playpens have what is called a ‘glider’. Which lets the space between the sides of the playpen be opened for air circulation. This can be useful if you have a hot or humid home, and also prevents some pests from nesting.
  4. Size – Playpens come in all sizes, from playpens that are small enough to fit in a crib, to large ones that can be used for toddlers. Make sure it is big enough for your child’s age and size.
  5. Function – The function of the playpen should be considered before making your purchase. You want a playpen that offers safety, comfort, and ease of use.

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Summing up, the playpens are a great addition to the variety of child care products on the market and can offer a simpler, more convenient way to limit access to certain areas of the home. If you are looking for a way that your child can play safely. Whilst still having access to everything they need when they are in the playpen, these would be excellent products. Just remember that each type of playpen has its own ‘personality’. So make sure you choose one that will meet your needs.

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