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Last night, my acquaintance saved about a thousand contacts in a CSV file. She wants to transfer this CSV file to her Android phone right now. However, Android does not support CSV files, which is the issue. It then becomes clear that she has to convert many CSV contacts into a VCF file. However, we have no idea how this entire procedure can be executed. Consequently, if anyone knows of a solution, please share it. Regards ahead of time. online vCard to CSV conversion.

What is CSV & VCF File Format?

The CSV file format is the first format that springs to mind for users who want to manage a lot of contacts in one location. With ease, a user can save an unlimited number of contacts in a CSV file, complete with email address, phone number, first and last names, organization name, and more. The number of contacts that a user can save in a single CSV file is unlimited.

However, CSV cannot be immediately imported when transferring contacts to other platforms such as an email client, iPhone, iCloud, iOS, or Android phones.

The vCard or VCF file format is currently one such file format that is compatible with a large number of devices and applications. Another name for it is “standard file format for managing contacts.” So, the VCF file format is utilized anytime a user has to transfer contacts from one location to another. To access contacts stored in a CSV file from other platforms, contacts must be moved from CSV to VCF. Therefore, this blog’s visitors will be able to convert a CSV contact book to a vCard file.

Converting Multiple Contacts from CSV to VCF Format Automatically

As the user can see, manually converting CSV to VCF has a number of drawbacks. Therefore, it is advised that a user seek expert assistance in order to convert the CSV address book to the vCard file format in an easy and straightforward manner. The most trustworthy program for converting contacts from CSV to VCF with their entire contact information is this capable GainTools Address Book Manager Software to Convert CSV Contacts to VCF Format.

With only a few easy clicks, this program transforms CSV files containing any number of contacts into the VCF format. Users of the program can choose to combine all contacts from a CSV file into a single VCF file. In addition to all of this, field mapping between vCard and CSV characteristics is another option available to users. Users can also transfer contact-filled, empty email addresses to VCF format. In addition, clients have the option to utilize this program on any Windows OS version if they so desire.

Detailed Instructions for Converting CSV to vCard Format

  • GainTools Address Book Manager software can be downloaded.
  • Next, add a CSV file by clicking the Add File(s) button.
  • Select the CSV file and press the Open button to convert several CSV contacts to VCF.
  • The file path and location, as well as a preview of the inserted CSV file, To convert the CSV contact book to a vCard, click the Next button.
  • To convert contacts from the CSV file to the VCF, you can now map the CSV file’s attributes to the VCF file’s and click the Add button.
  • To convert contacts from CSV to VCF, select the vCard version you wish to produce and tick the Single vCard for all contacts’ option.
  • After that, select where you want to save the converted VCF file.
  • At the end of the choose the Convert option to initiate the conversion process.
  • In only a few minutes, a user can export Excel contacts to VCF after carefully following all of the aforementioned stages.

In Summary

Many people have considered transferring or converting a CSV file to vCard format. However, there isn’t a perfect way to convert CSV contacts to VCF files. Therefore, a professional solution for the same is discussed in this piece, taking into account the consumers’ demands. It is easy to use and allows users to convert many CSV contacts into VCF files.Read More: Accurate & Free Methods to Merge/Combine & VCF Contacts into One

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