Uber Clone App

In the last few years, Uber has become one of the biggest taxing service providing apps in the world. It has changed the aspect of the entire taxi booking software industry. Their services are customer-centric.

All you need is to take a look at the market, your competitors as well as the leading industry.

  • Market trends will make you aware of the demand and the requirement of the public.
  • Reviewing your competitors will help you out in knowing the drawbacks. You can easily acknowledge the things which you don’t have to follow.
  • And finally, the leading industry in the market that inspire you. Grab their ideas, edit them and serve it to your customers.

Actually, the funniest part is that every taxi booking software is focused on the same policy i.e. to provide a better taxi service to every customer. This has now has become very difficult for a customer to choose from those many.

For making an outstanding Taxi booking software, add better features

Out-Stationed Branches

Not only should your working process be smart, your app should also remain strong enough to impress your customers. Adding an outstation ride feature can become a great help to the people who travel from one city to another.

Give them a few stops for sightseeing or for a tea break. Let them decide their type of ride and charge them according to per kilo-meter or whatever is suitable for you. You can even add an option of one-way or the round-trip.

Let your customer enjoy a rich riding experience.

Custom Trip Request

Well, this can be the most centric feature which a customer will love to have in your Uber clone app. In this feature, a customer can drop their particular request to the driver to add an attachment in their car.

For example, a customer with a small baby can ask the driver to add a baby seat. Or, for any physically handicapped person, a customer can ask for a wheelchair in their ride. This feature can let your customer enjoy your ride.

Prime Membership for Regular Customers

Most of the time, customers get used to the taxi booking software where they find themselves more comfortable in traveling. In this case, you can offer your regular customer to purchase a prime membership plan in less amount of money.

Or else, give them a couple of free rides at some limited geographical area. Prime membership features can enhance the productivity of your start-up business.


How can we forget a feature like carpooling? Carpooling is one of the best features presently every taxi service providing companies are offering. Basically, it’s a ride sharing feature where your customer shares his/her booked ride with multiple riders going to the same location.

With this feature, your customers can save a lot of money and your service won’t be facing any loss. Whatever the charges of the ride will be delivered, it will be split between all the riders.

Adding this feature to your Uber clone app can make your taxi service more popular in the market and can even increase the number of customers. It will also give you a chance to clear your carbon footprints. A greener and cleaner option is always deemed as the more popular one. The world appreciates companies that know how to give back to the community.

Fixed X to Y Location Fares

This is a feature that can be very useful for most taxi companies. There are many places that receive very frequent traffic movement. Say for example the traffic movement between railway stations and the airport will be much higher as compared to any other location in the city,

You can have a feature that ensures that you have fixed sets of prices for these particular locations that will help in making the users much more comfortable in hiring your services. Basically, they won’t have to pay any additional or variable charges for these locations.

So, if there are commuters who take the same route almost every day, they don’t need to be worried about having to face surge charges because the path they take has a fixed price regardless of what time of the day they travel and whether there is any other variable factor involved.

Change Destination Later

This is a feature that your customers will adore you for. Many a times when a ride is booked, the rider puts in a particular destination, but changes his plans mid way. Unfortunately, most taxi booking apps don’t have these features that allow you to change the destination after the trip has started. In these cases the rider cuts a sorry figure and has to end up paying to reach somewhere he did not intend to go to.

With the change destination later feature, you will now be able to ensure that your customers can update and modify the destination that they have put into the app already. This means that they can happily reach where they want to even if the decision is made after the ride has begun.

Further Steps for your Startup Business Plan

For pushing your taxi service providing business, you have to come up with the better ideas for your Uber clone app. Consider offering your customers a better taxi booking software platform which is sure to give a good start to your business.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.