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Take Advantage Of AAVAZ PBX – Read These 10 Tips

Take Advantage Of AAVAZ PBX – Read These 10 Tips

Communication made easier with VoIP Phones / IP Phones

More telephone lines and numbers indicate higher communication costs for companies. When your company grows, you’ll need more phones for your employees which can be costly. Fortunately, PBX, or private branch exchange, is a system that connects all phones in a company or across numerous sites.

Modern business phones are digital and can be operated over the internet, saving money for growing businesses. Improve your company’s customer service and decrease costs while increasing productivity by investing in modern PBX systems.

Before joining the rest of the world and upgrading to a modern PBX system, let’s brush up on your PBX knowledge. 

PBX Phone System
Free PBX system with Aavaz PBX

The private telephone network, or PBX, enables users to connect both internally and externally via various communication routes, including VoIP. Unlike traditional PBX systems that employ telephone lines, modern PBX phone systems allow users to make calls over the internet and include capabilities such as call transfers, voicemail, call recording, IVRs, and more.

Three significant types of business phone systems:

1.On-Premises PBX
On-premise PBX system using VoIP 

An on-premises PBX uses IP routing technology and VoIP software to make phone calls. The company’s IT department installs an on-premises PBX system and a data hardware room. Key benefits include:

  • Complete control over how your data is used.
  • The ability to modify and manage other users.
  • Open-source feature sets that can be introduced without paying any license fees.

2.VoIP Phone System
IP phone price depends on the brand

VoIP business phone system is an improved version of the traditional PBX system. The main difference is that VoIP calls are made and received over broadband or data links rather than copper telephone lines. It provides:

  • Better voice quality.
  • Free calls between users.
  • The ability to use one device for multiple business locations. 

Benefits of a VoIP system include increased accessibility, which allows you to make and receive calls using a data connection, take your business phone with you with a softphone app, and work remotely on mobile devices or desktop computers with an internet connection.

3.Hosted VoIP Phone System
Hosted PBX

This phone system backs up all of your company’s data and calls to the cloud. A hosted PBX system costs a monthly fee, and your service provider is responsible for administering, maintaining, and updating the features.

This system reduces initial and setup costs because no hardware is required. It prevents disruption to business operations because your provider can route calls to voicemail if your internet connection is slow.

Let’s take a look at 10 ways to use a PBX system to help your business grow.

1.Centralized Control
Centralized control

PBX offers a receptionist function, like IVR and auto attendant, allowing all incoming calls to be accessed by a single number. That means your customers dial a single number to reach out to your customer service team for help with a variety of issues.


When you call a company, you hear a robotic voice instructing you to dial a specific number for a specific service. That’s the PBX feature, auto attendants. The virtual receptionist answers calls before routing them to the appropriate representative based on the consumer’s menu selection.

Auto attendants eliminate the need to hire human receptionists by efficiently routing callers to the most skilled representative who gathers all necessary customer information from the feature and resolves customer issues efficiently.

3.Flexible Call Routing
 Call Routing

PBX system offers flexible call routing by diverting calls to another phone after a certain number of rings. PBX Find Me, Follow Me feature transfers important calls to a different phone or voicemail.

PBX also enables you to play specific messages while callers wait for their calls to be answered. These options ensure that no calls go unattended and if and when it does go to voicemail, your team can quickly call the callers back.

4.Variable Access
Variable access 

A user-friendly control panel on a PBX system allows you to set up each line in your company. The Control panel allows you to grant varying access levels to different extensions, restrict access to international dialing on specific extension numbers, and more using the PBX control panel. This feature allows you to manage who has access to what level of information.

5.Usage Reports
Usage reports 

Modern PBX systems let you review call logs in real-time. With the reporting tool, you can check which departments receive the most calls, perform the most work on the phone, hardly ever receive calls, and which extensions have call queues waiting to be answered.

Usage statistics help you optimize your phone allocation to get the most return on your investment and make necessary changes to avoid wasting your resources.

6.Image Enhancement
Enhance your company’s image

The features of PBX systems provide you the same presentation as huge corporations, giving your customers the impression that they are dealing with a large company even if you are a smaller one. This increases your company’s credibility and instills trust in customers who may be concerned about a small business’s capacity to provide service.

7.Internet Integration
Internet integration

Since VoIP uses an internet-connected system, you won’t have to pay any phone bills as you’ll be making and receiving calls over the internet. All you need is a browser on your computer and an internet connection to use a cloud-based phone system.

8.Maintenance-Free Service

If you use cloud-based technologies, you won’t need any special equipment, which means you won’t have to worry about equipment breaking down or hiring maintenance experts.

9.Unified Communications
Unified communication 

Cloud phone systems, for example, are excellent unified communications enablers. It brings together many communication channels into a single point of access and allows customers to communicate more conveniently by using their chosen channels.

You can forward a phone call to your mobile phone without hanging up if you are on a call using a desktop softphone and need to step away for a moment. Some companies also provide enhanced collaboration tools like CRM integrations, instant chat, and other features.


By adding new users regardless of where they are geographically situated, cloud phone systems can scale to match your business development. One of the major benefits of having a cloud phone system for your business is scalability, especially if your company is growing quickly.

You can get a maintenance-free, low-cost, feature-rich phone system without any special equipment with modern PBX systems while also making your business accessible to customers no matter where they are.

If you’re interested in a cloud-based PBX phone system, get started right away by contacting Aavaz Free PBX. Aavaz provides a plethora of features that your business requires to not only survive but also thrive.

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