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If yes, then let me tell you that we experience different types of headaches, which are caused due to several reasons.

More than 50% of the population have more frequent headaches but do not know their exact cause. But it is necessary to analyze the cause to help treat the problem heal completely. You can visit the Best Ayurveda Hospital in Calicut to treat your headaches.

But how. You can find the answer to this here in this article. Here I have shared the different types of headaches it causes. Read the blog till the end to know.

What are the different types of headaches?

There are four different types of headaches that you should know. They are;

  • Tension Headaches
  • Cluster Headaches
  • Sinus Headaches
  • Migraine Headaches.

All these headaches differ in their types and also are caused due to a variety of reasons. Here is a brief description of each type.

Tension Headaches:

A Tension-Type headache is a type of headache that is mild to moderate in pain, having a feeling like a tight band is tied around the head. These are the most common types of headaches with symptoms like nausea and vomiting.

Tension Headaches are treated easily with painkillers and anti-depressants, which the physician prescribes. These painkillers and anti-depressant tablets are the primary treatment; other treatments include stress control management and your stress response.

Tension Headaches aren’t that harmful when compared to different types of headaches. They can be treated with certain medications that can provide instant and temporary relief from the pain.

Causes of Tension Headaches:

  • Physical or emotional stress
  • Feeling fatigued or overexerted
  • Alcohol usage and excessive smoking
  • Eye Strain, cold, flu, and sinus infection
  • More strain on your eyes

Symptoms of Tension Headaches:

  • Mild to Moderate pain in the head
  • Mild sensitivity to light or sound
  • Trouble focusing and irritability
  • Muscle aches and trouble sleeping
  • Feeling very tired

Cluster Headaches:

Cluster Headaches are headaches that occur in clusters or patterns. They are one of the most painful types of headaches compared to other types.

It pains in one eye around your head and your eyes. The cluster headaches can last weeks to months, usually followed by specific remission periods, which can continue for months, weeks, and years.

It involves the nerve in your face that gives a throbbing pain around your eyes. Cluster headaches are so intense that they cannot be satisfied with some prescriptions alone; they might need immediate treatment and a timely visit to the doctor.

Causes of Cluster Headaches:

  • Cigarette smoke, strong smell, and alcohol
  • Changes in the altitude
  • Exhaustion or Exercise
  • Exposure to extreme heat
  • Addiction to certain drugs like cocaine

Symptoms of Cluster Headaches:

  • One-sided pain and restlessness
  • Excessive tearing
  • Redness on the affected side of your eye
  • Running nose on the affected side of your nose
  • Facial swelling on the affected side of the head

Sinus Headaches:

Both Sinus and Migraine Headaches have similar and some common symptoms to each other.

Sinus headaches are caused due to a sinus infection that causes pressure and pain on your face. Colds and allergies can increase the risk of sinus infections and headaches.

Nasal symptoms in this type of headache also accompany sinus allergies. For this type of headache, we should visit the doctor as soon as possible without delaying it for long-term relief.

Causes of Sinus headache:

  • Certain viral infection
  • Bacterial infections
  • Some seasonal allergies
  • Structural differences

Symptoms of Sinus Headache:

  • A runny or a watery nose
  • A feeling of fullness in the ears
  • High body temperature or fever
  • Swelling on your face
  • Pain pressure in the cheeks, brow, and forehead

Migraine Headache:

Migraine is a neurological disorder or a different headache accompanied by nausea and vomiting. It is so intense that if not treated on time, this headache can make you lie in bed for days. It is accompanied by several other symptoms also.

Several migraine triggers are movement, light, sound, and other triggers that result in pain, tiredness, nausea, numbness, tingling, irritability, difficulty in speaking, temporary vision loss, and many other things.

Causes of Migraine Headache:

  • Hormonal changes in women
  • Incredible stress
  • Changes in the sleep pattern
  • Changes in the weather
  • Certain Medications

Symptoms of Migraine:

  • Sensitivity to light, noise, and odors
  • Nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, and abdominal pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Feeling warm and having a pale skin color
  • Feeling tired, swelling, and dizzy
  • Tender scalp, diarrhea, and fever

Therefore these are our different types of headaches, their causes, and followed by their symptoms.

Suggest some best methods to prevent headaches.

Here are a few best ways through which you can prevent your headaches in the best way possible;

Enough Sleep:

Disturbed sleep patterns can also result in headaches. Try to get enough sleep for at least 8 hours per day. An interrupted sleep pattern and schedule can also result in severe to moderate headaches that can be painful.

Proper Meals:

It is noted that people who often skip their meals suffer from headaches.

Skipping meals is often related to several health issues, including headaches. Try to have enough appropriate food.

Exercise Regularly:

Physical exercise is also associated with several health benefits, including preventing headaches and other health-related issues. Adding regular exercise to your routine can help you out with this.

Stress Less:

Stress has a significant impact on our health that can worsen our health. Hence it is advised to reduce your stress levels for better improvement.

Therefore these are a few common things through which you can prevent headaches.

I hope you find the blog helpful. See you soon with the following blog!

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