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With the advent of the global pandemic, the daily function of many industries has seen an overhaul. With the increasing need to reduce human contact and to stop the spread of the virus, there is an increasing need for technology that can cater to the needs of the industry and help them adapt to new contactless methods to conduct their business. It has been reported that users have started spending 35% more time on apps since lockdowns were imposed in various countries in the year 2020.

The digitization of businesses may seem like an extraordinary measure if you prefer traditional ways of conducting business. However, research and experience suggest that this is the most favourable route to take when adapting to the need of the hour during these unprecedented times.

Software development should not be seen merely as a way to adapt to the new-age industry standards. It has also proven helpful in expanding businesses, streamlining their data, and attracting new customers while making the work more efficient. These are just a few of the several benefits of relying on software development during the COVID-19.

Finance and Banking

It is risky to conduct business in person. With software development companies it can also be avoided with great ease. Whether you have a company that provides loans or you own a bank, there is no better way than to digitize the process and help your customers fight the pandemic with virtual transactions and meetings.

For other services such as policies and insurance, image processing and other such software solutions have made it easier to verify documents and speed up the processing of the applications.

Product Based Businesses

Whether it is a small retailer or a big fashion brand, with restrictions on movement and the regular functions of shopping centers and malls, it has been difficult to get and cater to clients without the right software solutions.

The best way to conduct business in light of the pandemic is to create an online store that can help your customers view your products without visiting the store and can make it easier to keep a tab of the orders and their status.

Service-Based Industries

Right from the tutors that help students prepare for their entrance exams to the centers that help with visa applications and their due processing, the pandemic has surely caused a standstill in service-based industries.

But just like the office meetings that are now conducted online, software development can help these institutes interact with their clients and it can also help streamline the data regarding each individual’s data such as their marks, attendance, and progress their application has made while providing audio and video platforms for interactions. This provides a great way to conduct day-to-day activities as well as to monitor each individual making the process smoother.

Customer Service

Instead of employing people to tend to the phone, software development makes it easier to avail chat boxes that are automated and are quick to respond to queries and concerns as they are available throughout the week at all times.

This increases consumer satisfaction and helps you reduce the number of people on any task force, helping you ensure that your organization requires fewer people to function, making it less risky for you to conduct your business as usual.

Food and Groceries

As more people stay indoors during the pandemic, essentials such as groceries have to be availed online. Big grocery chains have seen an increase in their online sales and it is a great time business of all sizes to make the most of this opportunity. It has been reported that the increase in online grocery shopping will be close to 40% in the year 2020 due to COVID-19.

As more restaurants remain closed for patrons, delivery systems have become an essential part of the food industry. Software development can help automate the management and the delivery process itself, making it a feasible solution to the problems such businesses are facing during COVID-19.

As an increasing number of businesses are relying on virtual platforms to perform their functions, software development is becoming a greater necessity for smaller businesses to compete with the market trends and their competitors. Some of the important things to note are-

Custom software development is, contrary to popular belief, easy to implement and user friendly.

 It is also feasible as it does not require a large amount of maintenance and can be updated to meet new demands much faster. It also gives a great return on investment.

It makes you more accessible to leads while streamlining the data to make room for the increasing demands.

To summarise, it is greatly beneficial for small and large businesses to get a custom software development company to digitize their data and process and add an essential tool to their functionality.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.