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10 Effective Social Media Marketing that can help small businesses in Covid-19

10 Effective Social Media Marketing that can help small businesses in Covid-19

The early months of 2020 brought unpredictable times with it. In the last month, the world has seen a pandemic and is trying to survive during one. Lockdown along with social distancing is the new normal. People have gone back to basics and minimalism is the need of the hour. Now, everyone is trying to cope up with the new normal but it was just a few days back when daily wage earners, restaurants, travel agencies were suffering. Having a vacation is something to dream about but no one can be sure when will there be no restrictions about it. Social media marketing agency will help to grow your business with the help of social media marketing. 

In these unpredictable times, survival is the mission for all. Everyone wants to survive this time with a tiny hope for better tomorrow. The same goes for businesses. They’re trying to recover from the global economic depression. This time is the most difficult for small businesses.

These businesses due to their small size have limited resources and find it difficult to compete with the established brands in the market. Local businesses and small stores struggle to attract customers. Also, they cannot survive without transactions for a long period, unlike the multinational corporations.

In times like Covid-19 when the world seems to have stopped and everyone has discontinued going out, these small businesses face extreme hurdles to survive in the market. They cannot afford to have full-fledged campaigns and won’t get recognized without marketing. Now, the best way to market is with the help of social media.

Here’s how social media can help your small business during Covid-19:

Identify your audience:

Social media has the potential to make you reach billions of people. However, not all of them will be your target audience. Understand which customers you want to provide your business offerings to. Know your target audience and segment them for your convenience. Consider all the factors that matter to your business and be as specific as possible.

Choose your social media platform:

From Facebook to Twitter and From Instagram to Snapchat there are a lot of social media platforms or social networking sites available. Each site comes with its features and uniqueness. Study them well and understand how to use them. Afterward, choose the platform which is best for your business. Take the availability of target audiences into account while deciding the social media platform.

Set your goal before strategy:

Know what you’re trying to achieve. Make clear objectives before going ahead. There can be two types of objectives. The first being long term goals which you need to achieve to make your business sustain for a longer period of time. There can be short term goals decided to achieve immediately.

Go beyond the target audience:

Try to identify potential target audiences. Observe which segment can be added to expand your target audience. This will help your business to expand your reach. 

Develop social skills for social media:

Social media calls for interactions. There will be two-way communication and it can be initiated by your audience. Do not take them for granted and don’t think of these likes and comments casually. Appreciated feedback. If it’s praises show gratitude, criticism or complaint should receive an immediate reply. Look into matters. Make sure you’re prompt with the reply. Engage your audience with content and dialogue. Make lasting relationships.

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Share visuals and compelling content:

Social media needs a combination of these two. Decent quality of pictures related to business and offerings along with informative captions. This will attract your audience. They will get information about your business and it can result in a conversion. Also, your page will be presentable.

Quality wins everywhere:

It is important to post the content regularly to keep in touch with your audience. Regularly posting your content will also help you in achieving top-of-the-mind recall. However, when posting content frequently it is important to maintain the standards of the information. Quality of the content matters and the audience will come to know if content degrades. Make sure to maintain the quality of the posts.

Follow schedule:

Your content can be scheduled. You can decide well in advance when you will be sharing what kind of content. Create a calendar that will provide scheduling for your content. You can even pre-time your content. This will help in posting your content at a specific time. This schedule will reduce the stress of creating a post a day. You can even analyze the time slot in which your target audience is most active and decide to share your content in that specific slot.

Monitor your campaign while it is going on:

Keep a check on what works and what doesn’t work in your favor. Monitor your content. Keep up with the reactions of your audience. Try to get insight into what your audience prefers. You can get the information with the tools provided by social media platforms. They will inform you about the content which is most liked or has received the most engagement. This can help you to identify what kind of content should go next.

Post Campaign Evaluation:

Initially you decide long term and short term objectives. You focus on expanding the target audience. Once the campaign is done you as a business need to identify which of the objectives you’ve achieved. Also, you can know how much progress you’ve made with regards to your long term. Also, success can be measured with the help of sales.

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Covid-19 has brought tough times for everyone. Social media is something that works for free. Small businesses can experience a significant change in their profits with something as simple as a social media campaign. It will improve the visibility of your business, also it will improve the value and credibility of your business. These campaigns are cost-effective and can be executed for free as well, this can work for those who do not have a separate marketing budget. Social media is something which is flourishing day by day hence, social media marketing will not only help during the pandemic but also afterward. As a business, it is important to identify the need for social media and optimize it to its best potential. 

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