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There is no set formula when it comes to building the ideal bedroom. There is, however, such a thing as the perfect bedroom with all essentials in it.  It all boils down to the bedroom fundamentals, regardless of your particular style or budget. We’ve collected together the top 6 must-haves for vivid and thoughtful bedroom decor. From plenty of decent lighting to a fluffy rug and comfortable bedding, you can style according to your taste.

1. Bedding with Layers

There isn’t any magic recipe here. Good, comfortable bedding is a guaranteed way to brighten your bedroom and make it appear appropriately set together. A bed with only two conventional pillows might appear plain and empty, so add lots of colorful and textured pillows, silky sheets and a fluffy duvet, and a throw blanket to round it off.

2. A Fashionable Bed Frame

A beautiful headboard or bed frame is a piece of furniture that denotes a more sophisticated bedroom. You can buy a new bedroom set with a fashionable bed frame if you don’t have one already. A firm bed frame with a colorful headboard, like excellent bedding, gives instant charm and polish. It also adds to the comfort of reclining back in bed with a beautiful book.

3. A Beautiful Nightstand

In your bedroom, nightstands are almost as important as a bed. Because you need a surface nearby to set down your phone as well as a drink of water when you’re resting in bed. The ideal nightstand has a stylish top and enough room for bedside storage. It also has a proper height for your bed. The sort of nightstand you choose and the quantity of storage capacity it has will be determined by your demands and personal taste. Limit yourself to only a few bedroom basics when it comes to arranging the surface to avoid it from being cluttered—like an alarm clock, a light, and maybe a framed photo and a plant for a personal touch!

4. A Comfortable Rug

Without a rug, a bedroom might feel chilly and uninviting. Choose a rug that will provide color, texture, or pattern to your space.  This will assist in bringing the room together and mask noises such as footsteps.

What’s the best part? You’ll always slip out of bed onto something soft and inviting. On a practical level, make sure you select the appropriate rug size for your area since varied bed sizes and room proportions necessitate varying rug sizes.

5. Useful curtains

While we like a bedroom with plenty of natural light, we value the privacy that curtains give in our most secret place. When you need asleep in the afternoon, choose drapes with a gentle texture and the ability to filter in light. Skip the neutrals and go for curtains that draw the room together.

6. Sufficient Lighting

Having adequate, layered lighting in any area is beneficial, but having the correct lighting in a bedroom. Make sure your location has many light sources. Consider overhead lighting, a corner floor lamp, bedside table lights, and perhaps an extra task light on the dresser. This necessity for your bedroom will produce a tiered lighting effect that will elevate and warm up your area.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.