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In this world of advanced technology, expert developers must be aware of Sitecore CMS. Sitecore is a world-famous software company that has become popular because of its two products, such as powerful CMS and fully-adaptive DMS or Digital Marketing System.  

A brief on Sitecore CMS

The growing demands in content management lead the company to design enterprise-level CMS or content management systems. The system is built on ASP.NET. It enables the web content editor as well as the marketer to get full control in the following areas;

  • Social integration
  • Blog post
  • Advanced personalization
  • E-commerce

Sitecore launched in 2001 on the .NET platform, and users can observe a noticeable growth of Sitecore in the last few years. The present version is .NET 2.0/4.0, which is the 7th major version. 

Every Sitecore-powered website grows better with Sitecore CMS. Many global organizations are keen to use the benefits of the .NET framework. It enables every organization to enjoy the scalability, security, and flexibility of the technology. CMS is a fully customized and role-based system that establishes a strong desktop-interface. The user-friendly technology enables new users to comprehend the system without much hassle. With this advanced technology, users find it easy to editing content, campaign monitoring, etc. 

Understand the Database of Sitecore CMS

Every Sitecore developer finds this platform a dream place to work with. The Sitecore content management system comes with three databases as well as web applications. Let us take a look at these databases. 

  • Core Database:- the Sitecore manage database builds on ASP.NET. It uses the Core Database, which handles the system setting. The core database also works to control the entire configuration of all CMS applications. Users of this technology can access the databases easily. The users can do the necessary editing relating to 
  1. Configuring any setting
  2. Overriding standard functionality
  3. Creating applications
  4. Adding buttons 
  • Master database:- The entire content editing task is performed in the master database. Every new content or an edited one is stored here, including the preview mode of the content. Before getting published, these contents go through an approver or translator. 
  • Web Database:- It is the place where the live content is uploaded for the web application. The web database does not contain anything in preview mode. It stores only a live version of every content. During publishing content, it gets copied from the master database to the web database.

Types of Item Folders or Sitecore’s content tree

The content tree stores all live content in the Sitecore Web Applications. These live contents are stored with media and content library items to help the editors to edit them. Here a Sitecore developer needs to know detail about the Sitecore content tree. 

  • Content:- This item folder enables pages and data to store for the website. The structure of these items denotes the website structure. 
  • Media:- All physical multimedia files get the best storage place in Media Library. 
  • Layout:- This folder declares the web application ASPX layouts that mention the reference of file location in the web application root. 
  • System:- This folder specifies the standard settings for the content editor. A developer can add a new language to the web application with the help of this folder.
  • Templates:- This enables to store of all template items required for the web application. 

What is Sitecore API

Users can use varied technologies to query about Sitecore items with the help of Sitecore API. Sitecore has its query languages- Sitecore query and Sitecore Fast Query. These are similar to Xpath. 

Users can also ask Sitecore items by using Linq. It also gets the benefits of Lucence for indexing and creeping the contents on the website. Developers can enhance it by using an advanced database crawler, a powerful open-source package. This advanced technology enables developers with immense search capability. A Sitecore developer finds this system flexible that maintains good speed and performance. 

Benefits of Sitecore CMS

Ø Developer can get improved experienced with Sitecore CMS. It helps the user with any editing at a lesser time.

Ø It makes it easy to deploy unlimited codes across a large number of sites. Developers can manage these codes easily.

Ø A Sitecore developer ensures meeting the necessity of an enterprise with the EXM or Email Experience Manager created by Sitecore. It enables the developer to add new features and plugins. Users are also able to extend the existing software to a new website. Such extension may be within the development program of the company. It is also cost-effective.

Ø Sitecore Development enables the developers to separate both content management and content delivery. It offers loads of advantages such as simple scalability, smooth performance, and better security.

Ø Sitecore CMS has become popular among developers due to its increased speed. Moreover, this technology helps in reducing errors. A developer can also use some external tools like Visual Studio.

Ø Sitecore CMS fulfills the requirements of customers. It offers Social Connector modules that enable marketers to use the contents again in other channels. The EXM system of Sitecore enables sending emails through an automated process. 

Responsibilities of a Sitecore Developers

Many top organizations opt to hire Sitecore developer to enhance productivity in a companyHence it is necessary to understand the responsibility of a Sitecore developer.

  • The developers require to possess the necessary knowledge in architectural planning. They should be able to perform complex projects without hassle. 
  • A Sitecore developer needs to be attentive in competing for the documentation before the implementation of the product. Proper documentation is keen to support the sustainability of the software. 
  • A Sitecore developer performs with the structured-oriented SQL database. They ensure the properties such as flexibility, usability, integrity, etc. 
  • The senior developers for Sitecore CMS should be keen to engage entirely with requirement analysis. 
  • While working with the Sitecore development, the technicians will ensure the product presence and browser management. 
  • A Sitecore developer must possess knowledge in investigating, debugging, and troubleshooting any problem. 
  • ●        A Sitecore developer should be there in the team for more improvements and implementing new features. Hence there is a huge demand for Sitecore developers among top companies.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.