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It’s time to welcome 2021 as there is just one month more for the year 2020 to get completed. In the changing landscape of digital marketing, many search engine optimization techniques are followed to increase your website’s organic traffic. Everyone is aware of the essential SEO updates like keyword research, using the proper On-page Optimization Techniques, posting quality content, and more traffic to your website. This blog will check out a few SEO strategies that will work in 2021 to increase your website ranking in SERPs. 

Top 10 SEO Techniques that makes sense in 2021

Off-page SEO and competitors’ backlinks. 

If you overtake your competitors, it means you can enhance your SEO strategy easily. To increase your ranking factors, you need to figure out the SEO efforts you need to put over for the website. Check out your competitors’ increased organic traffic for the best-ranked pages. You can go with perfect and relevant content, link building, and improve the prevailing content and incorporate related keywords.

Using Digital PR to earn authorial backlinks

Backlinks are one of the essential ranking factors considered in the Google search console. Getting a backlink from a high authority page is a tactic in SEO. Digital PR helps attain media support and publish valuable content like tools and mathematical operators, infographics, expert opinions, and research works. Apart from this, Digital PR brings the benefits of widespread brand visibility, pushing referral traffic, increasing sales, enhanced social interaction, presenting your content to potential customers, and more.

Rearrange both Image Search and ‘People Also Ask’

2020 SERP characters have improved their ten blue links that are featured on the Google opening page. The same is found in the feature named ‘People Also Ask.’ According to the search engine sensor, the PAA on the Search engine result page has seen an increase of over 40% in both desktop and cell phones. It’s good to stick with a better image stratagem to increasing SERP ranking factors.

Internal links

If your page is ranking on the second page of Google, and if you need to bring them to the first page, the first thing you need to perform is to start with extra internal links. By improving the second-page status, it’s easy to optimize the opportunity of internal linking. Add internal links to the pages that are ranking good on SERPs. 

Link with PR for SEO to transform brand references

If a business enterprise does not have active PR schemes, then they witness online mentions. Search engine optimization provides full weight to the editorial acquired links. The brand monitoring tool on search engine managers will help in brand mentions without links. 

Utilizing keyword gap exploration by updated content tactics

Generating brand new content and enhancing the existing content are essential things to be noted when considering a search engine optimization content strategy. You need to plan well before making new content. Keyword difficulty needs to be used if you have a brand-new website. You can make use of both keyword difficulty and volume as well. 

PPC trial to accelerate CTR

CTR is one of the crucial ranking factors to increase your organic traffic. Meta description and title are two main factors that affect your CTR. Allotting a budget for promoting your page to examine different tags and descriptions is considered the best decision. Organize the trial correctly to see the CTRs controlling factor. 

Making use of the subsidiary content to establish topical prowess

Having a knowledge base for exciting content and keyword research is essential to rank better in SERPs. Internal links are considered to the pillars of the pages, and this can be done by generating clusters. Start writing reviews to attract organizations and reviews. It’s also good to publish novel content on contemporary trends and topics. Subsidiary content will help in enhancing organic traffic and ranking via channels through the right promotion. 

Improving central vitals of web

Mobile-friendliness, HTTPS, protected browsing, and recurrent advertisements are the ranking apparatus that will be in the list of the best-ranking factor in core web vitals.

Get rid of toxic links.

The toxic link can harm your SEO rankings, and therefore you need to cleanse them to bring results. You can use the backlink audit tool on the search engine manager, which will help you get rid of the harmful links. Follow SEO techniques properly to increase organic traffic. In this case, you will have a lot of ways to enhance your search engine ranking.

If you are the one who requires increasing your organic traffic outcome in 2021, the best way is to stick with the best SEO services in India to see good results.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.