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There are different varieties of cleaning services available in today’s modern era to make our life more comfortable and easier.

Today’s extremely busy lifestyle makes it rather difficult though to feel the urge to clean house. Also you lose the overall urge for cleaning the office and other important places to say the least.

Keeping this in mind you will discover different cleaning applications in market. These apps go onto allow users avail different cleaning services with a few simple touches on their phone.

These apps specialize in tenancy cleaning services, domestic cleaning, commercial cleaning, etc to name a few.

One such app is Sendhelper clone app offering amazing services to customers with zero efforts.

Sendhelper app clone

Let’s have a look at the different categories of services that Sendhelper clone app offers to its customers.

Different Services Offered through Sendhelper Clone App


Cleaning on time allocated mostly to helpers of Sendhelper clone app includes tasks like –

  • Clean mirrors and sinks
  • Cleaning of bathrooms
  • Cleaning of rubbish bins
  • Ironing of clothes
  • Dusting of surfaces
  • Dishes cleaned away and kitchen wiped down
  • Floors vacuumed, swept and mopped
  • Miscellaneous tasks carried out by cleaning experts like cleaning of refrigerator, oven, etc.

Deep cleaning:

Deep cleaning entails comprehensive and thorough cleaning of your place. One step ahead of simple cleaning, here are the special cleaning services provided to customers on a whole.

  • Cleaning of kitchen floor by steam
  • Refrigerator cleaning
  • Waxing of parquet floor
  • It cleans mattress by steam
  • Oven cleaning
  • Cleaning of excessive fat or grease from the kitchen

Leather cleaning:

Leather cleaning service involve cleaning your leather shoes, bags, heels or boots that may be stained. Have your worn out shoes lost its glint? Give us a chance to make it shiny again.

Sendhelper clone app provides the services like the ones mentioned below –

  • Water protection
  • Demoulding


Sendhelper clone app is the perfect choice for a wide variety of people. This amazing app provides laundry service to its customers as well. Dirty clothes are cleaned by professional cleaners, folded and ironed if requested. This unbeatable app comprises of pure professional cleaners specialising in laundry services. This app provides door-to-door services to their customers without any hassle.

Air conditioner cleaning:

Are you worried of service providers seeming unreliable and doubtful? No need to worry. Sendhelper clone app provides customers with fully authenticated and trusted helpers to clean air conditioners in a systematic manner, to say the least.

Some services of air conditioner cleaning include-

  • Uninstall/Install
  • Troubleshooting and contract maintenance
  • Chemical servicing
  • General servicing

If you an idea to start your unstoppable business that can successfully face the tough competition, the Sendhelper app clone is the best option as it is credible, efficient and an effective app in the market.

The app promises your cleaning business attract maximum customers. This ensures maximum profits along the way.

So adopt the SendhelderApp Clone for your cleaning industry today. This shall gain you customer outreach and profits in the shortest duration of time and make you a titan in the race of other cleaning service businesses.

By Anurag Rathod

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