Nowadays, every industry uses SAP software, and out of which SAP SCM module is in trend. Therefore many people want to get SAP SCM Training In Noida from the best SAP SCM Online Training institute. SAP ERP consists of many modules out of which one important module in SAP SCM i.e. System application and products- supply chain management. This module of SAP controls business forecasting, production planning, and demand planning. SAP SCM process aids customers, suppliers; manufacturers, retailers, and business partners connect for managing supply chain processes effectively and efficiently. It is the complete software for covering the key process – supply chain planning and coordination, Supply Chain networking, and supply chain execution. The primary applications are SAP Extended Warehouse Management EWM, SAP General Areas, Forecasting and Replenishment FREE, SAP Supply Network Collaboration SNC, Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO), and SAP Transportation Management TM.

Introduction of the role of SAP in SCM (Supply Chain Management)

To deal with the make, sell, or service of anything you must have a supply chain. For example: If you are a Bank and have an ATM network, you must have difficult demand and supply planning issues just to deliver physical money to ATMs. The part of SAP SCM is SAP APO (Advanced Planner and Optimizer) and that can be used for solving the problem.

What is SAP BW?

SAP BW stands for SAP Business warehouse and it is a product of SAP Enterprise Data Warehouse. SAP BW transforms and consolidates business details from virtually any source system.

Where Does SAP BW Come Into Play In SAP SCM And All Other SAP SCM Scenarios?

  • SAP APO (System applications and product – Advanced Planner and Optimizer) has Mini-SAP BW data mart built into it. So if you don’t run a separate SAP BW system, APO typically requires BW.
  • For detecting a data error, SAP BW is useful in SAP SCM. This feature is also helpful in SAP CRM-BW integration scenarios.
  • Within SAP SCM, BW is used among many functions for storing both planned and actual forecast results.
  • From a sizing viewpoint, anything away from minimum APO projects really must have a separate stand-alone BW system.
  • For supporting SAP APO SCM scenarios, SAP BW comes with some standard Business content.
  • BW is used in a series of places in the loop if it is fully closed-loop planning scenarios, i.e., SAP SEM BPS-APO-CRM-S&OP.
  • When you run multiple planning situations, you will use SAP BW for storing and tracking each situation. There is also an interplay between SAP BW and SAP APO Demand Planning.
  • From an SAP BW consultant viewpoint, you want someone having experience in both SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management) and SAP BW.
  • The experienced-based learning process of SAP APO will pull on this stored forecast as well as the actual results of the Supply chain management execution procedure.
  • Getting SAP BW architecture right in these cases needs multiple repetitions.

Features of SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management)

Components of SAP SCM are divided into 4 parts that are:

  • Collaboration
  • Coordination
  • Planning
  • Execution

All these functions can fully optimize SAP Supply Chain management process flow for maximizing customer satisfaction with less cost to the company.

Benefits of SAP SCM

  • Efficiently manage forecasting, supply process, and demand planning
  • Optimize order fulfillment, inventory, and shipping of goods.
  • Shipping process visibility increases
  • Across the network, distribute key details to all stakeholders
  • Enhance communication and raise collaboration between business lines for managing supply and process of demand
  • Reduce production quality issues, enhance production effectively, therefore, reduce the cost of goods sold.
  • Increase rebates, incentives and also reduce transportation duties and taxes.

Benefits of SAP BW

  • SAP BW gives Business content and gives ready-made objects like reports, multi-providers and info cubes, etc.
  • The flexibility of SAP BW is incredible and very easy for customizing the standard content.
  • The ability for analyzing multidimensional data sources
  • Give great query performance with less effort of the administration
  • Easily connected with other platforms
  • Act as a good link to plan and execute the application.

Guys, this is how you Understand SAP Supply Chain Management and BW. Hope you understand the details provided above. SAP SCM is an essential module of SAP ERP and there is a scope of SAP SCM in the market. So interested ones who want to make a career in SAP can do SAP SCM Training In Noida from the best SAP training institutes. At the time of Choosing SAP SCM training institute, must check all necessities of yours. Almost all institutes provide SAP SCM certification after completion of SAP SCM online training courses. With the help of SAP certifications, you will get a reputed job in the market.

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